Are you having difficulty finding cool blog topics to furnish your blog with?

Need interesting blog topics that will generate huge traffic to your blog, too? Sure…it takes a lot of efforts, persistence, and determination to find a blog topic to post on daily basis.

While bogging requires time and passion for a blogger to capture readers’ attention. There are some certain things that need to be put in place.

For a blogger to generate a lot of money, some of the following topics must be given priority and concentration, according to Coolessay writing service:

  1. Finance

This is an area, which attracts the attention of many entrepreneurs who want to venture into business opportunities to make a living. In writing financial blog posts, the following are some of the tips of attracting readers:

  • Identify your target audience

Effective financial blog posts to focus on a certain group of audience. For example, when addressing people who are having a problem with their budget, the post should focus on giving a clear guideline on how to efficiently use their available resources. The post should address their needs directly. This would make your blog more attractive and competitive.

  • Use attractive and informative titles. Make your blogs more appealing and easier to understand. And always ensure that your post answers your Reader’s curiosity.
  • Give readers an opportunity to share their information with you.
  • Post regularly to develop a strong connection with the readers.
  1. Entertainment

The entertainment industry is one that a day can not pass by without having something appealing to the hear to write on.

Entertainment blog topic involves categories such as music, videos, and celebrity news. The blogger must be updated with the latest news that other bloggers have not published. This would create awareness among his or her audiences.

As an entertainment blogger, you should consider the following issues:

  • Post your review immediately. For your entertainment blog to attract your audiences, give a clear review on videos and movies that were released.
  • Use a lot of gossips. Involve emotions in your writings in explaining some events that took place at an event as this will keep you potential prospects coming back to your blog for something similar.
  • Consider live blogging of the show. This is not common to most of the bloggers to give live coverage of an event. However, it would boost your reader’s attitude towards your post. Tweeting life events also enhances readers’ confidence in your posts.
  1. Health and fitness

As the old cliche health is wealth, everybody is now looking after their body to ensure it’s in good shape. In this topic, readers are looking for solutions to their health problems. Diseases like diabetes, obesity, cancer, and HIV are some of the health problems which are feared by many audiences. A blogger should give detailed information on the specific diseases by clearly stating their causative agents, mode of transmission, preventive, and treatment measures. The following are some of the aspects to be included in a health and fitness topic on your blog:

  • Weight loss/diet blogs. The post should give readers information on how to reduce body weight.
  • Healthy living foodie blogs. Posts which comprehensively show food galleries and their recipes, with their benefits to the body ought to be written.
  • Fitness professionals. The blogs should come from people who have knowledge regarding health fitness. They will create awareness of their services by sharing their contact information.
  1. Technology

There are many issues to be discussed in this topic. A good blog should post new models of devices, technological approaches, and their expected impacts on the lives of individuals. Pictures and specification of newly discovered technics should be in the blog on a daily basis.

This includes new phones, laptops, household equipment, and farm machines.

Similarly, the following are sub-niche, you can write about in term of the technology blog post that will keep your audience coming.

  • Tech Review: You can decide to write and review the top 50 technology innovation of all time or the best ten newly developed technology of the year. This will generate more visitors in the blog as everyone will be eager to know which of those technology devices have they used, using or will likely use in the future.
  • Comprehensive Tech Guide: Writing tutorials or guide on how to handle some technological devices is an interesting blog post that provides much value at your seasonal and potential audience ends, as such generating traffic and convert more visitors.
  • Blogging Tips or Tutorials: While blogging is also part of the technology boom, you can teach your blog followers how to start a monetize blog. This can be best done by posting the step by step approach to starting a monetized blog from scratch.
  1. Politics

In this topic, bloggers use their posts to influence the election results. In most countries, politicians use blogs to campaign for themselves by using online platforms as most youths use the internet to access information more frequently. For example, the last general election in the USA was mostly interfered by social media and blogs to make Trump the US president.

If you, however, derive pleasure in writing a politics blog post, you should consider touching the following aspect, too.

  • Opinion: While the aspirants keep battling it out in the real world, their supporters – too – will be busy surfing the net for any bit of information to you in support of his candidate.

As a blogger, if you know an important thing or event about anybody aspiring for a political position, you can write your opinion about him.

  • Aspirant Bio: You can also kick your politics-related blog post from this angle. Since it’s obvious that people will want to know more about their aspirant and in such a situation, the only place they can turn to for instant knowledge is the internet.


Having succinctly explained the five cool topics you can write a blog post on, I do sincerely hope to see your blog running with insight and ideas you picked from this write-up.