Creating a PowerPoint presentation from scratch can be frustrating. Especially when you’re short of time. Making a presentation stand out from the crowd and look professional at the same time can be a tedious task. Well, you can always make use of ready to use PowerPoint presentation templates for this purpose. The pre-made presentation templates are designed by professionals. These templates often encompass fully customizable layouts, amazing color aesthetics, attractive typography, and more. 

Suitable for every purpose, ready to use PowerPoint templates can be used by professionals, students, educators, etc. One can take advantage of modernly designed PowerPoint templates and can boost the presentation goals. The right slides can make or break your presentation. Let’s move ahead and know about the best PowerPoint templates available in the market. For a normal person, designing presentation slides is no easy task. Inculcating ready to use PowerPoint templates provides a skeleton to your presentation.

1.70-20-10 Approach to Learning

Being a business presentation template, the 70-20-10 Approach to learning can be used by companies and organizations from almost every industry vertical. The template features a crisp design with dedicated icons, section dividers, corporate color schema, and bold fonts. Best suited for depicting theoretical models, the 70-20-10 Approach to Learning PowerPoint template can also be inculcated in your presentation for training and educational purposes.

For instance, the HR department can use this template for employee training or onboarding. Teachers and educators across the world can also use the template to outline learning and development opportunities. You can also find doughnut charts, slope graphs, 3-level pyramids, and an amazing infographic timeline of learning with this template.

2. 5 Years Basic Timeline Design

One of the highly acclaimed timeline templates in the market, the 5 Years Basic Timeline Design template can help your audience visualize the sequence of events better. The template can be used for depicting the progress of a company on a project, aspect, or growth as a whole organization over the span of time. Today, almost every business presentation has a timeline chart for a better understanding of the audience. Especially when it comes to pitching a product to stakeholders, your timeline can encompass your company’s progress over the years with other products.

5 Years Basic Timeline Design comes pre-packed with assorted slide backgrounds. There are plenty of infographics included such as a lightbulb, magnifying glass, statistics, report document, and more. Charts and tables can also be included. The moment your audience looks at your presentation, they will develop an idea of what the presentation is about!

3. Self Introduction:

Impress your audience with an amazing slide backed by a self-introduction template. You can even impress the interviewer with a visual resume through this amazing slide. The creative layouts can be leveraged to cast a remarkable first impression. This PowerPoint template will help you present your education, achievements, skills, hobbies, experience, and much more.

The slide encompasses relevant icons and professional color aesthetics. Today, garnering opportunities is all about making your presence felt. You can leave your competitors behind when you introduce yourself right. The template features a graphical layout for Agenda, Bio, Mission & Vision, Key Skills, and Education. It is 100% editable and you can attune it easily to your agenda. From roadmaps, diagrams, layouts for placeholders to innovative clipart icons, this Self Introduction template has it all.

4.Team Work Concept:

In a corporate world, there is always an award function or seminar where the goal is to symbolize the importance of teamwork. With the Teamwork Concept template, presentation creators can easily highlight the importance of teamwork to the audience. One can easily showcase how business operations and processes are improvised with teamwork. The template can be best used for throwing light on teamwork strategies, team-building exercises, and more.

The daily group collaboration can be encompassed in the best possible way. You can cast a picture in the minds of your audience about how different industrial experts come together to achieve common business goals. Business development presenters can also include this template in their presentations. The collection of slides features an amazing color contrast. The graphics are of high-quality and feature an attractive appeal to human eyes.

5. 3D SWOT Analysis:

One of the most critically acclaimed PowerPoint templates, 3D SWOT analysis template can help you with serious corporate discussion and management decision meetings. SWOT analysis templates can save you a huge time. A SWOT analysis is done to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with a business, product, or organization as a whole. The task is not a piece of cake and requires hours of research. Well, to ease the pain and to be able to represent the findings in the best possible way, you can use this 3D SWOT analysis template.

In a couple of minutes, you can seamlessly put-in the findings of your analysis and be prepared with the presentation. The template features a fully editable design. You can change 3D rotation, colors, background, and even resize the slide components. Apart from this, the template is also best suited for goal setting, management changes, and sales/marketing plans.

6. Data-Driven Campaign Analysis Infographics:

Nobody likes to read raw data from the screen. In a presentation, the interest of your viewers is everything. If numbers are too monotonous or your slides are over-cluttered with data, you can easily scare away your audience and doom your presentation. Data-Driven Campaign Analysis template is your best pick to make data look more user-friendly and less menacing. The template comes pre-packed with 3D pie charts, bar charts, histograms, funnel, brush, symbols, etc.

Moreover, the color scheme is visually appealing. The template also features and adheres to 100% customization. Through this, you can protect your data the right way and empower your audience to interpret the same and take informed decisions. Using this template can boost the effectiveness of your sales and marketing plans. Make your audience visualize the rate of growth in seconds with a Data-Driven Campaign Analysis template.

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