Difficult economic times can motivate lots of imagination when new business ideas are considered. For instance, though recession was in its full-swing, 2010 noticed the top rate of entrepreneurial activities in decades.
But it appears to be counter-sensitive. After all, beginning a new business tends to be incredibly dangerous. Over 50 percent small businesses fail in the starting five years, and 50% among those who make it, fail in next few years.

These are not good odds for anybody. However, when time is bad, sometimes things cannot get much worse – particularly for the people who have lost their job and maybe their homes too. So the outlook of beginning a new business is not as dangerous as it may otherwise be. Furthermore, for many people, making their jobs becomes their only available option.
Although, there are lots of jobs considered “recession proof,” like plumbers, accountants, grocers, and morticians, there are also lots of wacky and weird new business projects that have become greatly successful. These businesses may make your eyes broaden with disbelief. So what are the top 6 businesses you never thought would succeed?
good odds

1. Bed Bugs Barrier

If you have ever been to any hotel or hostel infested with the bed bugs, you know how horrible those little mites could be.
Tony Abrams has made a big fortune by inventing the barriers to keep bedbugs from biting. Bed Bug Barriers, his business, creates as well as sells barriers which go under the legs of bed. They trap the bedbugs when they attempt to creep in the bed for biting the sleepers.
Think it is crazy? He has earned millions with this initiative.

2. Hangover Helpers

Here is the situation: Your friends and you were up all the night partying. You are now suffering from a terrible hangover, you are dehydrated, and your residence is trashed. The idea of needing to cook yourself something for eating and then cleaning up that huge mess is too much to deal with.
So what will you do? You contact Hangover Helpers. The two college boys in Boulder, CO assist their hung over customers crawl back in the land of living with as less pain as probable. The guys turn up at your home armed with breakfast burrito as well as Gatorade for you. Then they clean each room where your party happened. This consists of cleaning dishes, pans, and pots, and recycling all your beer bottles.
Feel this proposal is too wild to work? These boys have been featured already on CBS, in Forbes Magazine, and on Regis and Kelly talk show. They have sufficient business to keep themselves busy until they want.
Hangover Helpers

3. Rent-A-Chicken

“Why in the world would somebody rent a chicken?,” this is probably what you want to ask.
Well, a few people interested in the urban farming wish to get chickens. But, that is a very big step. What in case they do not like caring for the chickens? They’re then stuck with a cage and numerous chickens they do not want.
That is where the Rent-A-chicken service comes in. This team of husband and wife in Traverse City will get you everything you require to care for clutch of hens. For $250 only, you can make out whether you really wish to try raising the chickens yourself or not.
Wacky? Yes. Helpful? You bet.
people interested

4. The Pet Loo

People who have ever had pets while residing in an apartment know how agonizing it can be for them to take their pets outside for potty when the temperature is 10 degrees with fierce wind. Or possibly you work for long hours and have to always rush home to take them out. Or possibly you are a senior and it is hard to make numerous in and out trips.
Well, these are reasons The Pet Loo came into existence. It’s a square of grass replica, which sits on a waste containment system which you can put inside your apartment or home. It’s like mini-backyard where the pet can relieve. Good idea? Without any doubt.
In fact, the people are placing Pet Loos in laundry rooms, on balconies, their basements, and even in grass-less backyards.

5. The Smashing Place

Did you ever broke a plate intentionally when you were angry or stressed, and you simply hurl the thing in the room and then watch with a sense of pleasure when it smashes against wall. Feels quite good, right? You may even feel the anger or stress leak out of you.
That is the entire idea behind this business,, The Smashing Place. Located in Tokyo, it allows people to come in, purchase a plate or cup of their preference, and smash them against a wall. They can stomp their feet, swear, or do anything they want to ease stress.
Smashing Place

6. “Positive” Attraction

Lots of couples try to come across a common ground, like a favorite sitcom or mutual hobby. One new business idea for dating websites went a little bit further, by ensuring that it offers “positive” matches only.
HIV-positive, that’s.
Brandon Koechlin and Paul Graves started the in the year 2005. The website provides nameless matching services, catering to the HIV-positive members only. In just a few years after launching, it was able to draw more than 50,000 members, making it a great success and earn a lot.