Much like any business, eCommerce has advantages and disadvantages and cautionary tales to avoid. Falling for these misconceptions could turn your thriving enterprise into another failed endeavor. To run your business at peak efficiency, learn the six myths about eCommerce that could turn your clicks into crashes.

Marketing doesn’t matter

You are surely mistaken if you believe that marketing doesn’t matter. Marketing is just as valuable to you as it is to brick-and-mortar stores. Marketing is everything, and without it, you might as well not have a business. As an eCommerce company, you should invest in marketing by partnering with an eCommerce SEO agency.

An SEO agency is the best way to promote your company and its products to the target market. Due to the fierce competition in eCommerce, a potential customer interested in your product might discover something similar elsewhere when searching on Google. However, thanks to an SEO agency, your products can be placed at the top of the results.

I should have the lowest prices

When buying products, price is an important consideration. Customers consider other factors in addition to price when making choices, though. Customers also think ordering, shipping, reviews, website design, and responsiveness, which ensures the best shopping experience. Putting all your attention on low prices will only result in a lack of these crucial components and less money for you.

ECommerce is a piece of cake

Contrary to popular belief, e-commerce is far from easy. There are many variables and challenges to overcome when getting into this form of business. Opening an online store won’t result in a stampede of people rushing to buy your products. You will require marketing, logistics, customer service, delivery options, and more to grow your business.

I don’t need personalization

Giving your customers a less-personalized experience will result in fewer repeat customers. Customers have personal standards when making purchases, and appealing to your target audience will bring in more customers. You can solve this problem by offering each visitor to your website a high level of personalization. 

Ecommerce is superior to brick-and-mortar stores

Despite its decline, physical stores are still more popular than eCommerce. It is incorrect to think that customers prefer to shop online rather than in-person. To avoid going out of business, some companies adapted to the online market to provide the utmost convenience for customers, which increased competition.

Business experience is unnecessary

Many entrepreneurs indeed start a business with zero experience. You have to start somewhere, right? However, the point here is that many believe that the lack of a brick-and-mortar building makes eCommerce easier to run.

While eCommerce does eliminate some location factors, it still contains all the other components of a business with a storefront. Before launching an eCommerce store, you must research and know at least some of the basics to find success.


When all the myths are dispelled, eCommerce is a beautiful thing. Customers receive a fantastic experience that is less intrusive and meets their needs, and you get to identify your target market. But if you fall for the myths, so will your business. Whether you’re starting an eCommerce business or have hit a bump in the road, avoiding these six myths about eCommerce will help you in the long run.

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