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Software testing is the way to check the functionality of a product. In technical term we can say testing is verification and validation of Product/Applications. Testing can be done either manually or automated with the help of different tools available in the market. For automation testing one of the best tool/suite available is Selenium by Thoughtworks.

Selenium introduction
Selenium introduction
Selenium is an open source and platform independent automated testing tool for web applications supported by different web browsers and quite similar to HP (QTP); the only difference is that Selenium is used for automation testing rather than manual. Selenium supports Java along with different programming languages like C#, Ruby, Python, PHP and Perl.
Selenium is user friendly and professionals/beginners can use it in the language they are most comfortable with.

Selenium is a package of different software therefore different programmers and testers were involved in the development of Selenium. Mentioning few of them – Shinya Jason, Huggins, Simon Stewart, Paul Hammant, Patrick Lightbody etc. Selenium is comprised of different tools and categorized according to the needs of organization. It has four components.

a) Selenium (IDE)
Selenium Integrated Development Environment that helps in quick test performance. It is a Firefox plugin that helps to edit, record and debug tests. With this tool you can manually edit your scripts. Selenium Ide provide features like easy recording and playback, debug and break-points, recalls history or previous path whenever required, support for different file extension, run through tests etc. Latest Selenium plugin is 1.0.4.

b) Selenium Remote Control (RC)
Selenium Remote Control (RC)
Test tool help in testing web applications that can be written in any programming language. It is a combination of a server and client libraries, where server is responsible for automatic launch and kill browsers and act as an http proxy, while client supports your favorite computer language.

c) Web Driver
Web Driver
In the year 2006 Selenium was integrated with Web driver API so that user can run their application on both local system as well as remote system. With the integration of Selenium 1.0 and web driver, Thoughtworks launched a newer version that was named as Selenium 2.0 .Webdriver is an object oriented API and web framework that helps in execution of test in different web browsers. Webdriver overcomes the limitation of Selenium RC.

d) Selenium Grid
Selenium grid
Selenium grid is nothing but multitasking of your tests i.e. multiple tests running at same time on different machine using different web browsers or having different operating system. There are many versions available and the most recent version was 2.0.

Selenium is a huge tool in itself and requires some dedication to master it but with so many tutorials to guide, you can master the skills within a short frame of time .We have listed some of the best websites that provide text tutorials and video tutorials to learn Selenium and also upgrade your skills.

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First let us have a look at some of the text tutorial websites for Selenium.

1) Software testing help : Complete Guide to Learn Selenium

This website helps you in learning the most complex topics in an easy and simple way. In total there are 33 tutorials starting from introduction to advance level with well managed Table of contents. This Website serves the purpose for most of the queries related to Selenium.

2) guru99 :  Your E-Guru

If you ask me personally this is one of the best website to learn Selenium. It is user friendly, has proper visibility of fonts, more focused on material rather than advertisements, managed table of index/content, covering each and every topic with proper example, diagrams, and flowcharts. In short the website describes the proper meaning of guru (teacher).

Now let us have a look at some of the video tutorials which help you in learning the concept in the easiest way possible.

3)  QtpSelenium : Stands Out For Quality Material

If you want to test or learn Selenium testing using java then you are on right website. It provides videos on Selenium basics along with java tutorials. 5 out 5 for the quality of material available on website.
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4)  Selenium tests : We are here for you


As the market analyst says that 70% of the projects are on Java programming language, so this website is best place to learn Selenium along with java. The website say we are here for you, we teach you the basic and advance concepts of java and yes of course Selenium. Every topic is properly indexed and you can move step by step through the concepts of java and Selenium. If you wish to learn java, you can also have a look on one of my post on “learn java in couple of weeks” to get started with java programming language.

5)  EDUONIX : Just click and start explore Selenium

There are several websites that give complete and free tutorials to learn Selenium. These websites provide videos and text documentations to help the learners to improve their abilities. Eduonix has brought revolution in online education and teaching with its streamlined course content for almost every technology available in the market. This website helps people to build up their skills, and have a better learning capability. The website provides online as well as offline modes. The learners on successful completion of the course receive the certification, and employment opportunities.

6)  Udemy: Thumbs Up For the Trainer

You just need to create an account and access video tutorials by Raman Arora. It will take you couple of minutes in enrollment and there you are! Trainer has done a great job in providing these tutorials. We really appreciate the work as even the complex techniques are taught in much easier way, voice and words are clear, teaching speed is moderate so you don’t need to pause or move forward /backward every time.

Selenium is one of the best tool for web browser automated testing and reduces work load of professionals. Testing domain is vast field and will continue to grow by creating endless opportunities for fresher’s as well as for professionals. So, here we have listed some of the best text and video tutorials based on Selenium.