Every business, from startups to larger businesses, needs a fast and reliable communications system. 

Faxing is a reliable choice for the safe exchange of documents between businesses. For one— legal, healthcare, real estate, education, and even the government prefer faxing over other options.

In particular, internet faxing is advantageous when it comes to speed and security while remaining cost-effective. Whether you are a well-established business ready to jump to digital faxing or a startup, below are some of the ways businesses can benefit from online faxing:

  • It Is Surprisingly Easy

Most eFax services are easy to set up even without hardware or an IT team to do it for you. It’s easy to set up right from your phone or computer. Also, eFax service providers eliminate the need for manual operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting on your part.

For complete beginners, a step-by-step guide with pictures should be easy to follow. You can simplify the way you communicate—simpler than using the traditional fax you’ve been accustomed to—and more secure than emails. The latter will be discussed in the next sections.

  • Not Bound By Location

Without that bulky old fax machine, you can do business and send faxes from wherever you are. You can easily receive and send fax from a computer or phone as long as you have an internet connection.  Faxes go straight to your fax portal, including voicemails that you can all see from your email inbox. Whether you’re working from home or on a business trip, you and your clients can get immediate access to necessary documents sent via fax.

Another thing is that digital fax stores sensitive information via a cloud. You can pull up your documents from your email or fax portal instead of keeping physical documents. That’s one less thing to worry about in the event of fires or flooding. You won’t also need to worry about lost or damaged documents by storing them in your fax portal.

  • Ease Your Mind With Security

When it comes to data security, sending emails is not without risk. Email accounts can get hacked. Emails can also make phishing and sending spyware and malicious software easier through attachments. It can be easy to get complacent with emails. But not with eFax.

Virtually-faxed documents are encrypted during transmission. This means that only the specified recipient can access the file in his password-protected fax portal. Plus, the sender also gets ‘Proof of Delivery’ certificates. Finally, it prevents data breaches and data interception. Cybercriminals or hackers would have to know the exact moment when a fax is delivered to be able to intercept or gain access to data sent via fax. This is contrary to sending emails when hackers can access the documents after they’re sent. 

  • Transact Faster

In industries like legal and real estate, getting digital signatures done fast can make or break a transaction. eFax service providers allow business owners to apply digital signatures on any document without the need to print anything. Also, unlike email attachments, approved documents with digitized signatures sent via fax can be legally binding.

  • Send Legally Binding Documents 

 The faxing system continues to improve since documents sent through this method may be now considered legally binding and authentic. Furthermore, the mode of transmission via phone lines put up a higher wall against cybercriminals. 

  • Cost-Cutting Measures

Businesses often find ways to cut down on costs. And with virtual fax service providers already compliant with legal and data protection standards, the end-user can simply enjoy the benefits of using digital fax.

Also, eFax service providers handle maintenance issues—cutting down not only costs but also downtime that often happens even on a high-capacity fax machine. Moreover, businesses save money on electricity, paper, and costs of additional phone lines.

  • Enjoy Scalability

The eFax technology can adapt to the growing needs of your company. From when you’re starting with a single business line to opening up multiple fax lines for various users, you can easily switch to a different pay-per-use pricing model. Whether you need unlimited faxing or want to scale down to less credit for fax, you can do that easily with the help of eFax service providers.

Online Faxing Support For Your Business

Leverage the ease, support, and reliability of a virtual fax system. You will lose nothing but bulky machines, stressful troubleshooting, and heaps of paper you’re always worried about getting lost or damaged. You can also cut costs on those added utility bills. This is while ensuring you send business documents that are now considered legally binding. When in a rush to do transactions, sending a fax can be done wherever you are; on your phone or computer, and with the assurance of a safe transaction.

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