Banks are the oldest medium of transactions. Being the most ancient institution for money transactions, it follows conventional methods to deal with customers. In recent times, video marketing has become a boon for financial institutions.  

Video marketing has brought revolutionary changes in banking techniques. To keep up your pace with the modern world where every financial institution is opting to increase their own ROI (Return on Investment), video marketing seems like a very viable option considering you can now reach out to even more people and offer them your services. 

Visual representation is always appreciated by everyone. People find it more engaging to watch videos rather than going through the web texts. As it delivers messages along with facial expressions, people find it more trustworthy. By connecting with the customers emotionally, it improves the overall click-through rates. However, to adopt this banking approach more systematically & to generate more revenue some tips need to be followed such as:

1. Feature Your Customer’s Stories

This is about telling the success stories of your clients. The main purpose of conducting financial transactions with your bank is to make a profitable business. Customers deal with your bank to achieve maximum profit by investing in their business. 

So, telling their success stories will encourage many others to invest in your bank. They will feel more safe thinking that they are in good hands. This concept is crucial for any bank to become successful. 

Besides, featuring your customers’ stories on the website will make them feel special and valued. This might not only help you with bringing new customers but will also make the existing customers more loyal to your bank. 

To make this type of video, you can take help from leading video personalization platforms that will create amazing and personalized content for you.

2. Be Proud to Share Your Glory

If you want your customers to place trust in your bank, you need to come up with an idea that will make them believe in you. Sharing your glorious moments & achievements will make the customers have more faith in your bank. 

They will be able to find the honest prospect of your bank. A clear idea of who you are & what services you are providing should be conveyed to your customers. 

Your glorious achievements & investing in social relationships will likely inspire your clients to invest more in your bank. 

It will also demonstrate your bravery, perseverance & contribution towards society. Overall you will be able to establish a strong emotional bond with your customers by being authentic. 

3. Invest in Personal Video Chat

To ensure maximum client engagement, the idea of involving a personal frontline employee per customer is a vital initiative. The idea is to fulfill the inquiries of the customers. 

By continuing this service, your clients will feel more comfortable with your service. Trust issues will be strengthened between your customer & your bank. Also, you will be able to render proper service as every client has unique requirements. 

A video conference also allows you to provide the solution faster. This can save time and you will have maximum engagement with your customers. This has proven to be one of the best ways to retain your customers. 

4. Start Integrated Service Options

This is quite similar to the previous point. But here a wide range of frontline employees are available to fulfill the customer’s demand. They work as a team. The idea emerged from the thought that one employee may not be able to provide all the possible services asked by a customer at a time. This helps your customers to minimize waiting time as well as avoid the possibility of trying another time to get the necessary results. 

By working as a team you will be sure to satisfy your customer’s needs without any possible delay. This means taking the whole audio services and turning them into video services. 

5. Make Feedback Videos

Rendering service is important, but letting people know that you can also render efficiently bears a lot of importance. Thus comes the idea of sharing feedback videos. 

By this approach, you will be engaging with thousands of others & l let them know about your service. Feedback videos will also serve the purpose of appreciating your customers’ opinions. 

This will indirectly encourage your customers to be in touch with your bank frequently. This helps to make communication between the bank and customers more transparent.

6. Launch Mobile App and Create In-App Videos

This is probably the best way to engage with your customers. In this modern time, people spend more time on apps rather than visiting websites. They find it easier to conduct business by installing an app. 

People don’t feel too comfortable visiting websites & scrolling through every option. An app is a perfect solution to this problem. 

Besides, it is difficult to browse for the desired info amidst lots of annoying online advertisements. 

Because people find it so comfortable, you can use it to your advantage by making in-app videos. 

You can add tutorial videos like how to open an account or explainer videos about the benefits of different accounts.  You can create a video about the financial update of the world or just a simple “meet our employees” video.

7. Responsive Design

This attribute evaluates the customer’s opinions about the service provided visually. Sometimes technical changes have to be made on the website. But to see how customers react to the changes is crucial. 

Ensuring a user-friendly ambiance is essential to gain a customer’s trust. If they find their opinions are being evaluated seriously, they will form a realization about the bank’s cooperativeness. 

Make small changes on your site like changing the color of the calling button or providing a ribbon for quick texts. Listen to their suggestions & act accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Banks often seem to struggle to connect with their customers. Video marketing is the most awaited solution in this modern time. It is adamantly important to show your customers that you care. Opting to visual interactions with your customers will deliberately convey the message of your willingness to care.