If you have been using the same Xfinity router for a while, you might not have considered that you should replace it. After all, if it is still working, why would you even bother trying to update a functional router? But it is likely that you need to.

Before shopping around for new Xfinity compatible routers, you should know why exactly you need to replace your router.

  1. Security: One of the biggest and most important reasons that you should update your old router is that security has improved greatly over the past several years and it continues to improve. With updates to protect you from malware and new security threats, your network would be better off.
  2. Improved Wi-Fi: You are going to want the best wireless internet possible from your Xfinity account, but a lot of it depends on your router. With the introduction of tri-band routers and the now-normalized dual-band routers, you will want the best possible for your network.
  3. Better Parental Controls: Parental controls have also changed greatly over the past few years. Before they mostly attempted to block sensitive content. Now, the options with routers are much more diverse. Instead of attempting to filter access from the device to the device on the device itself, it can now be controlled through the router. New improvements include set time limits, limited site access, and content filtering. It is much more customizable than it used to be.
  4. Guest Networks: Most of us don’t think too much about giving a friend our Wi-Fi password when they are visiting, but just how much access are you giving them to your network? Many new Xfinity routers come equipped with guest networks that allow your visitors to hop onto your router without putting any of your settings in jeopardy or going anywhere near your private network.
  5. QoS: If you have not heard of QoS, it is time to get updated. QoS stands for “quality of service.” This is a setting that is on most modern Xfinity routers. It allows you to pick and choose which apps or devices should have bandwidth priority. For example, if you are gaming online, you can ensure that your device has bandwidth priority, so even if someone else hops on your network and starts streaming, you can set your device to not be affected by other devices.
  6. Network Upgrades: Beyond all of the useful features that come with a new router, there is also the network to consider. Xfinity is updating itself for improvements and advancements in technology all of the time. If your router is old, it will most likely slow down with these advancements, rather than speeding up and allowing you to make better use of them. In order to keep up with Xfinity, you might need to replace your router.
  7. General Breakdown: Finally, there is a general breakdown of routers and other devices to think about. Routers have internal components that will work to keep it going, including the internal fan. Like any kind of electronic or mechanical device, the parts will eventually wear down, causing intermittent crashes or a general slowdown in the overall performance. It can even be a fire hazard if the router is allowed to get too hot.

If it has been a few years since you last purchased your Xfinity router, there is a good chance that the time has come to update the device. Keep in mind what you need from your router and then you can easily select one for your network’s individual needs.