The online world operates with a lot of technicalities; one such is search engine optimization. If you wish that your website or products stay at the top positions, it is inevitable to prioritize SEO. As necessary it is to do the right thing, you should avoid the wrong ones too. 

You need to have ample knowledge of how to do SEO in Singapore in order to operate well in online marketing. As seamless it might seem to be, but if you make the following mistakes, you have higher chances of pushing down your ranking on the global search or deteriorating your existing online reputation. It can get very cumbersome to drive organic traffic or even maintain visits.

Neglecting the importance of keywords

Regularly updating your keywords can have a considerable amount of effect on the search results. So, you need to give some right amount of time and effort in order to choose the right set of keywords for your content.  Trends are variable and do not follow any pattern with the course of time; all you can do is be attentive. Outdated keywords drive away from the traffic. 

Moreover, if you tend to sync your content with every trending keyword, then chances are high that your rank will go down. Such optimizations can even lead to pogo-sticking. People will click the back button as soon as they open it because they aren’t satisfied with your content or your page has nothing of their need. 

Posting plagiarised content 


Do Not Copy

Curating content is indeed one of the most daunting tasks; you have to make sure it goes well with the topic and doesn’t conflict with public sentiments either. Some websites take up already posted content and repost this. Furthermore, their part of work only includes stuffing it with their backlinks. Then, they expect a lot of visits and a high ranking. 

However, the new search engines algorithms resist such website appearance on its search results and these are nowhere to be found. It takes up special steps to impede such malpractices of stealing content. So instead of copying good content, it is better to invest in creating your original content, or you can even get it done by hiring someone else. 

Missing onto meta description

People follow this usual trend of ignoring meta tags, but this can be severe. Search engines consider the meta tags, meta descriptions, and meta tiles that you’ve linked with your content to show it to the viewers. At times, to work smartly, people put up the same meta tags in all the pages. Hence, there’s a lot of confusion for the search engine to decide which page to put up from your website, and as a result, it chooses none. 

To avoid this, you should put up unique tags in about 60 characters for every page and no need to mention your website name in each one of them except for the title tag. The tags should only be descriptive about your content. 

Putting up links irrelevantly


It is imperative to analyze the external links you include on your site critically. Increasing the number of such links is going to improve your rank, but it can only turn favorable when you have taken relevant links from sites having authority in your niche. Otherwise, your website is expected to lose potential visitors due to availability of irrelevant stuff. 

Wrong or unimpressive anchor text also highly demoralizes visitors, and it is also one of the most widely ignored practices in the SEO world. Some websites try to link all their pages which may or may not be related to the topic; avoid this and always keep your concerned niche as your primary focus and same should go for outbound links. 

Opting traditional methods

If you are forgetting the social media dimension, then you are probably missing a great fortune. The strength of social media influencers cannot be undermined when it comes to improving SEO ranking. These influences create content to drive their traffic to your website, and this enhances the search visibility as well. Sometimes, the approach they use can be outbound links wherein they link your website to other popular sites. 

Another myth online marketers still believe is, apps cannot track progress. However, apps are very much able to do that and with in-depth analysis too. It is advisable to use tools like Google webmaster and analytics to track your progress. Otherwise, it can get very arduous to drive organic traffic or even improve daily website visits.

Assuming alt description to be a waste of time

Alt description is used for optimizing related image search on the internet. Pictures make the page or website look more appealing and surprisingly, pages that have substantial visual and content receive more audience. This is because a page full of text is boring and hard to read. However, the presence of a picture will already give the audience an idea about what the following paragraph is. 

This way the search engine understands what the image is about and will display it whenever that keyword is searched throughout the web. The alt description scheme for images goes likewise as of meta description. You should write unique descriptions and solely based on the content to which it relates. Sometimes, the photos get ranked above the actual content owing to the proper management of alt descriptions. 

Local SEO is not to be taken for granted

In an attempt to gain extensive and international popularity, people often ignore their locals. However, you should consider the fact that people nearest to you can be your significant benefactors instead of the farther ones. Moreover, the locals will also prove to be the constant benefactors owing to the proximity you have. 

Furthermore, your ultimate motive is to improve your SEO ranking, then why not begin by getting your website ranked higher in the local search first? You can do this by researching keywords trending in the local environment and adding them.