Technology often gets a bad rep, especially when it comes to our mental health and social skills. While it is entirely true that technology can have a negative impact on our lives and our self-esteem, it can also be used in a positive way.

There are actually many benefits of technology. The obvious ones are things like accessibility or the fact that research has been made so much easier thanks to technology. But there are also a surprising number of ways that technology can be used to improve mental health.

Personality tests

Personality tests have been all the rage, and it’s easy to see why. They give us a lot of information about ourselves, and they can also be used to gain information about others, such as people you might possibly want to employ. Aside from that, personality tests can be a way of helping people manage their feelings as well as learn how to cope with them. There are also personality tests that can test whether a person might have any mental health issues. Once you’ve decided on a personality test, such as the MBTI, you can complete it and learn more about a specific personality type, such as an ESFJ personality type.

Online counseling

Online counseling has always been a valid option, but even more so now that many people are forced to stay home due to the pandemic. People who rely on regular therapy might be struggling to adjust to the fact that they can’t go to therapy as often as they used to, or maybe even at all. That’s where online therapy comes in. Thanks to this, patients will still be able to communicate with their therapists on a regular basis, whether via email, cellphone calls, or video calls. While many people claim that online therapy isn’t as effective as in-person therapy, it’s still a better option than not getting help at all. 

Improves productivity

There are endless ways for people to organize their lives using technology. Many people are making the shift to digitalization, instead of using pen and paper as their preferred organizational tool. This is because having everything digitalized is more convenient and often makes it easier to keep track of to-do lists, goals, calendars, and diaries since they’re all in one easily accessible place. It’s especially hard for certain people to stay productive, so if you’re a freelancer looking for ways to be productive, technology is your friend.

Improved social skills

It’s often easier for people with social anxiety to communicate online, due to the fact that they won’t be dealing with someone face to face. They’ll also have more time to think about their responses, instead of being put on the spot as they would be in regular conversations. Many children who struggle with their social skills end up gravitating towards gaming since it’s often anonymous. As people socialize more via technology, their social skills will improve and that will shine through in every form of socializing.


Many people have been looking for ways to make technology a positive thing, and use it for good instead of the negative we always see in the media. This means that there are tons of forms of entertainment to be found on the internet and other technological platforms. There are even relaxing games that can be played on nearly any device.

Support systems

There are groups for nearly everything on the internet, which means that a person will always be able to find like-minded people. We often find ourselves interested in something that no one around us is interested in. Luckily, you can find people with similar interests online. There are various chatrooms dedicated to nearly every interest on the planet. Just be sure to vet any groups before you join them and never give out any personal information. There are also online support groups for people dealing with trauma, whatever form it may take. There are support forums for people who have been diagnosed with specific illnesses, as well as people who have suffered a loss.

Less loneliness

Especially during the times we currently live in, many people are incredibly lonely. Not being able to see family and friends can cause a severe decline in mental health. With technology, we can stay in constant contact with our loved ones, no matter where they are. You can text them, email them, or call them. Of course, the method that will be the most realistic is to video call them. It might not be the same as being able to see them, but you’ll probably feel a bit better after it.

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