To understand what SEO services are, it’s important the first note there are two types of SEO, off-page, and on-page. To fully understand how these functions, it is first important to discuss what each type of SEO service entails and examine some different services that an SEO marketing company will help you implement.

What is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO refers to search engine optimization that you can control these are the distinct elements of your website that are not dependent on outside influences and contain factors that you can change

Examples of on-page SEO services

#1 Optimisation of the title tag

Title tags contain key information that will be revealed to potential customers when they read search results. The importance of an interesting title tag shouldn’t be underestimated. Keyword usage and length are just some of the best practices an SEO agency will implement to ensure your title tag is effective and optimizes your click-through rate.

#2 Optimization of your Meta tag

After your title time, your meta tag shows up underneath in any search result. This highlights what a reader can expect on your website. They can have the influence of a decision on whether to click through or ignore your website. These can be anything up to 160 characters including spaces and should be fully optimized using crucial keywords to ensure your page ranks higher.

#3 Optimizing your website’s headings

Headings are used to helping visitors understand your site’s content and its hierarchy. Ranking these is important to allow Google and users to understand crucial aspects of your content. Search engine optimization companies will focus on featuring different headings on your site starting with H1 and continue down to h2,h3, h4, etc

#4 optimizing your website page speeds

One of the critical factors to ensure your website ranks favorably on Google is its page speed. One of the key on-page SEO services that companies would provide you is to ensure they optimize your page speed.

What is Off-page SEO

Off-page search engine optimization is the opposite to on-page it is the use of strategies and that are implemented away from your website and are outside of your control

Examples of Off-Page SEO services

Off- Page SEO services

#1 Optimizing your social media presence

One of the crucial aspects of any SEO strategy is maintaining a strong social media presence. Any SEO service list should include the upkeep of your LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.

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#2 Optimizing your google my business profile

If you don’t have a GMB profile you need one as more and more people are using Google maps to help locate businesses in their area.

#3 Optimizing your blog

Providing your customers what a database of high-quality linkable content that you can comfortably share in either email or social media form will help Google rank you higher and recognize you as a leader in your given field.

These are just some SEO services that should be on any full-service list provided by a digital marketing agency you work with.

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