In this digital age, we can see the rapid expansion of information technology infrastructure and the cyber security landscape. Data has become the center of attention for hackers and cybercriminals. They are devising new tactics regularly for data theft, data breaches, and targeted financial frauds. The growth of the e-commerce industry is also a major factor contributing towards the systematic and more advanced threat attacks on websites and system networks. At present, organizations and businesses are facing more cyber security challenges than in the past and are on the verge of losing sensitive data and information. 

Have you ever wondered what the future of the cyber world holds for us? Based on the evidence and trends of the past decade, we can predict the future of the next year. Let us look into the trends of cyber security for 2022. 

Need for Cybersecurity Experts 

At present, the cyber industry is rapidly evolving while experiencing a huge skills gap and millions of open vacancies. Cyber security professionals will be in huge demand in 2022. Post pandemic period has affected this sector. Many people are likely to switch their careers and positions for less stressful jobs, thus creating a knowledge gap. It has become essential to equip yourself with cyber world information to survive in this digital age.

Moreover, you can also gain skills that are significant to protect high-value data from cyberattacks. It’s high time for you to boost your career and advance your skills by availing a cybersecurity degree. The right choice of educational degree would open new avenues of success for you while preparing you to tackle future challenges.

Dependence on Cloud and Third-Party Systems 

In the coming years, organizations will continue to rely on the cloud and third-party service providers for running their business operations. In this way, they will become more dependent on third parties for maintaining security. As a result, organizations using cloud or third-party services will be at more risk of vulnerabilities, errors, misconfigurations, cyberattacks. We predict that in 2022 cloud security compromise and abuse will continue to rise along with enterprise cloud adoption. 

Rise of Internet of Things and Security Challenges 

It is common to install digital devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) at home these days. We expect to witness an increasing growth trend of the Internet of Things in 2022. According to reports, Industrial IoT alone is set to become a $500 billion industry by 2025.

However, a major drawback of using these devices is the security challenges associated with them. Lack of consideration for security concerns by manufacturers has made IoT more vulnerable to cyber threats. Several IoT designs are without updated security systems, thus providing high chances for cyber attackers. As a result, we have to wait for some years before a secure IoT landscape is realized. 

Website Cloning and Fraud

One of the rising trends in 2022 we anticipate is website cloning. By putting login details on the cloning version of an original site, you can lose login and password information, credentials, financial accounts details, etc. Brands and consumers will both fraudulently lose their data by cyberattacks. 

Growth of Ransomware 

The ransomware attacks have become common this year, and we expect to continue to trend in 2022. Threat factors are likely to find innovative ways to extort money from victims. For example, multifaceted ransomware attackers use strategies to lock victims out of their system files through encryption and then threaten to leak their sensitive data in public. In 2022 we anticipate actors will use new tactics to recruit insiders within their targets. 

Cryptocurrencies Facilitating Cybercriminals 

2021 was the year of the cryptocurrencies as the pandemic period played a significant role in the flourishing of the digital currency economy. In the United States, cryptocurrencies came into the mainstream this year. They will remain in the mainstream and more likely to facilitate cyberattackers.

Cryptocurrencies are considered to be payment tools for cybercriminals and ransomware attackers. As more organizations and consumers are expected to use cryptocurrencies in the next year, it would result in even more ransomware attacks. 

Artificial Intelligence for Prevention of Cyber Attacks 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is crucial for the survival of IT infrastructure and to mitigate cyber threats in the future. It does not have limited applications for robotics only. Several cybersecurity experts use AI technologies to detect threats and look into the cyberattack patterns by analyzing historical data. According to statistics, e-commerce businesses receive an average of 206,000 web attacks per month, and they are expected to rise in the future. AI could prove an effective tool for protecting businesses against fraudulent practices in the coming years. 

Complications of Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance enables companies to cover the losses and penalties caused by data breaches and cyberattacks. However, it will become hard to get cyber insurance plans in the next year. Owing to the continuous spread of ransomware, payouts by insurance providers are higher than premiums.

Thus, this situation could lead to new and strict cyber policies implemented by insurance companies. Moreover, they could limit the number of organizations for insurance plans. Therefore, we foresee that the pricing of cybersecurity insurance plans will likely skyrocket in 2022. In addition, cyber insurance providers will scrutinize applications painstakingly to lower the coverage limits. 


We are at high risk of losing our personal information and are constantly receiving threats and facing security breaches due to the continuous rise of cybercriminals. The world is gradually leading towards the rise of a cyber world, and to keep ourselves updated, we must know the latest tech trends and learn skills. Our survival is directly linked to the cybersecurity practices in the future, and we have to get ready for it. 

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