Planning and making amazing and successful corporate videos can be a bit of a challenge. Corporate videos must clearly communicate what your brand is all about, why your business must be considered over your competition, what unique value proposition your products or services have to offer, and how you’ll plan on delivering top-notch service.

Whether it’s your first time or you already created corporate videos before, below are some of the tips you can consider:

1. Production Value Matters

Nobody’s expecting your corporate video to look like an action movie or a sports commercial, but it doesn’t mean that you should just use your mobile device to shoot your video. If you like your corporate videos to create an impact, you have to invest in them like other company initiatives or marketing measures.  

A great way to guarantee a decent production level is to hire experts, like Zipinmedia – Corporate Video Production Company. With today’s competitive video product market, there are several video producers you can hire, regardless of your location and budget.

Search online, ask your friends or family for recommendations, or find somebody who does work you like and start a conversation about ideas and budget. You can find video production firms that would do everything, from concept to post-production.

If you want to do your corporate video alone, get a tripod and a decent camera. Ensure that you do some test shots to make sure the quality is what you want to achieve.

2. Find A Story To Focus On

Corporate videos serve the same purpose, but they mustn’t be the same. Several videos are made to get new customers, while others attract more employees. Some videos want to promote or sell products, while others can be more about raising brand awareness.

Think of what your company can offer and how you can incorporate it in your video. If you don’t know where to get started, you can watch this video for better content planning: 

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3. Complement Your Ideas With Strong Visuals

The design of your video must be your brand personality’s reflection. It can be animated and funny, or minimal and professional. Whatever style you pick, ensure that it’s consistent across all platforms you use. When it comes to visual selection, think of colors and imagery that bring your ideas to life. Make your scene more eye-catching to entice your audience at first glance.

4. Share Videos Using The Right Channels

After producing amazing corporate video content, the biggest mistake isn’t sharing it so it can bring exposure. Fortunately, there are now channels like YouTube and some social media platforms where you can share your corporate videos. If you have accounts on such platforms, don’t forget to share them to make your corporate videos more accessible.

When sharing your video, take note that people interact with corporate videos differently, depending on the marketing channel or the social platform.

Regardless if you use videos in emails or you upload them to Facebook, optimize your video’s call-to-action, description, and title accordingly.

5. Always Have A Plan

While video production may baffle you, the logistics behind that will be second nature to the majority of business owners. If you have to ensure something gets done, you need the basic skills to produce. The key is to have a plan as it will guide you to know what should be done for your corporate video. However, always remember to consult everything with your expert video production team for better results.

6. Shorter Corporate Videos Are Superior

Corporate video 2

Most viewers don’t have time to sit and watch a long video. So, the best thing that you should do is to stick to the essentials and ensure that your corporate video has a length of under three minutes.

While the ideal target runtimes may differ depending on whether you’re making internal training materials or an ad, you must always aim for effective visuals and concise language that communicate at a steady pace.

If you can’t add more information than brevity would permit, insert that into the comments of your corporate video. Effective marketing incorporates strategies like making complementary tweets and blog posts so you can include extra details, such as links to supplementary content.

7. Try Other Stories That Will Entertain, Connect, Or Engage Your Target Audience

Whenever you’re thinking of the stories that would support the primary purpose of your corporate video, recognize that every story is different. Others can have more emotional impact, while some can be action-packed and funnier.

If you want to make a video go viral or when planning your corporate videos, consider the different stories to tell and choose the strongest ones. If you want to focus on your niche industry, look for ways to connect your skills to daily topics or problems. For instance, accountants may provide ways to organize financial data or explain some basic tax terms. Just keep it simple and short so your audience will find it more engaging and would want to see more videos from your business.

8. Support All Your Claims

The key to making a corporate video is to include evidence that viewers trust. Regardless if you mention a link or study in your video description or you incorporate motion infographics for highlighting a point, ensure that you back up each one of your claims.

It’s another area where the significance of editing corporate videos becomes apparent. Raw data isn’t that interesting as always, but combining your stats with unique footage or presentation can help you deliver a message effectively.

9. Don’t Forget To Include A Call-To-Action (CTA)

Never halt your video abruptly. Aside from showcasing your company’s brand and its message, you need to make an impactful conclusion with CTA.

The best corporate video finishes with value propositions that foster further audience engagement. Even though you often end things with your logo and name, or details about a product or service you’re promoting, you must make it easy for everyone to connect with your business.

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Making corporate videos is, no doubt, a daunting challenge. It’s a long process that demands expertise. With that in mind, you need to hire a video production agency that will help you make hard decisions, like how you want your business to be perceived. Experts will also help you show your company’s inner workings while bringing your teams together.

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