I guess the reason we haven’t heard of this product more is that it’s so good, people just want to keep it to themselves. It does look quite good, and app store optimization has become a thing for many, and will become a thing for a lot more people, as the coders base is expanding and demand is increasing. I wonder how many people though to themselves – ‘Flappy Bird’, when reading that statement.

AppCodes features

On average, application developers earn somewhere between 70-90,000 per year, and that’s of course when they’re working for a company, if you want to ride the journey solo – why not grab yourself a subscription to AppCodes?

Just take a look at this Slideshare preview, and see what you think of the service, and whether you think it could help you beat your competition or not. Whether we like to admit or not, there is competition, but not everyone is as smart, and many apps you see on the app store are actually someones ways of making a quick buck and disappearing.

I can see how AppCodes might help to smaller developers with a low budget, to beat the crap out of their competition and sail ahead. More than half of iOS users are using search tools to find their next app or game, and why not make yourself appear on the top of list when they do?

Check out the AppCodes blog too, there is some info there and recent updates.