Applitools - Automated Visual Testing Tool for Applications

Every once in a while comes around a startup, a tool that can really help and leverage the performance of your business. Applitools is one of those tools, learn more why this visual testing tool can help to save you tons of time and money by doing smart and intelligent visual appearance tests on your web, mobile and desktop applications.

Adam Carmi, one of Applitools’ Co-Founders conducted a research of image processing algorithms that can imitate a human testerÂ’’s eyes and brain and has come up with a set of algorithms that finally did the work! Based on those algorithms, Applitools has developed Applitools Eyes, the first cloud based software testing tool that can automatically validate all the visual aspects of Web, Mobile and Desktop apps like a manual tester does only much faster and more accurately.

At the moment, Applitools is still in the early development stages and offers a tiny portion of features that it will soon expand upon. You can signup to Applitools to start testing your applications for visual appearance, and save yourself enormous amounts of time by not having to do seperate tests for each of the design element.

You just have to run the tool once and you’re ready to explore and find out where you can improve and make changes in order to provide the best possible UI experience.

Welcome to Applitools Eyes

You can start by heading over to the Documentation page which shows and includes all of the available SDK platforms and a couple of examples of how it works.

There is definitely a huge potential for growth and expansion, and hopefully the public reviews will help the team behind this startup flourish and reach their dreams.