Voice Technology

With equipment such as Google Assistant and Alexa from Amazon, we have already seen a huge jump in voice technology when you think about it. Even a year ago from today, we didn’t know much about the voice technology. To most of us, the voice technology was as great as Siri from iPhone. Those days have rapidly changed and it seems like voice technology is going to become big in near future.

We are going to discuss all about voice technology and its future today. In a nutshell, the future looks very bright to us.
Easy Communication

Easy Communication

Remember there was a time when we had to write letters and call someone if we needed to talk to them? Yes, technology has changed most of it for us. Now we don’t write letters, but instead we send emails. Now we do not require carrying an encyclopedia everywhere we go because we have Google which knows more than any human being will ever know. We as human beings have always wanted to make sure that our communication and knowledge gathering process becomes easier.

That’s exactly what voice technology promises. Time is precious and in near future, we will hesitate to waste our valuable time typing something. Therefore, the audio technology is going to take care of our problem.

Faster Results

Many think that the only benefit of audio or voice technology is that you are getting an option to do the same search or online browsing via audio instead of typing. This is wrong . In the real world, the audio or the voice technology is more powerful than that from in every aspect. When you are doing an audio search, you have the option to specifically ask for the exact thing along with an instruction.

For example, let’s assume that you are planning to order eggs from the comfort of your home. Now if you go via the traditional method, you will have to get up and search for eggs on Google. Google will then suggest you a bunch of websites from where you can select the one that you like, go through different steps to order and then finally go back to what you were doing.

Now let’s think about the voice technology. What are the benefits? What will happen in this same scenario?

Suppose, you need eggs again. If you have an Alexa at home, you can simply ask your Alexa to order your eggs while you are sitting at the same spot. Alexa will do the rest for you. You won’t even have to wake up and go near a device to make it happen. That makes our life a lot easier. There are a group of people who will think that this makes people lazy, but that group has always been there.

When first ecommerce industry started popping out, many thought that this will make human beings lazy because they will not have to go to outside for their daily requirements. Well, if we look at the reality today, that didn’t happen and what happened is exactly the opposite. People are now more productive than they ever were. They now do a lot of things at one time and humanity is prospering like it never did before.


This is basically the most important part of the whole future of voice technology. Audio recognition system is an old one and there is nothing to be excited about that part of the industry. It is the AI or the artificial intelligence that makes everyone excited about the industry itself. Every audio device that can take your order and do what you ask has AI built in. They are intelligent and most importantly, they can learn new things. This was never there before and that is the reason why the future of voice technology looks really bright.

When we thought about voice technology before, we thought of talking to Siri for fun or simply talking to Google Talk for no reason. Today, we have the option to actually order and get things done using that same technology with the help of intelligence. This is what makes the industry a strong one and this is what makes people believe that voice is going to be the new future.


Let’s be honest and face the facts. We will still need our computers, don’t we? The audio devices like Alexa are great, but there is a lot that is still lacking. At the end of the day, you always do a lot more than order stuff with your Alexa at home and that is the reason that you will always need a strong and powerful computer. Therefore, those who think that the voice technology is going to take over the computer industry will most likely be proven wrong, because it is a long shot.

Eventually, there will be something that takes over the computer industry for sure. For now, the closest competition is cellphone devices. You do not need to go to a laptop, when you can do the same things with the help of a cellphone and a voice technology device. Also on top of these, the virtual intelligence industry is also booming rapidly which makes things even more interesting. All in all, we are looking towards a great future ahead technology wise.

For now, one of the best reasons that why you should use a voice device is because they are easy to carry around and they are compact. You can place it on your room and forget about it. Once you get into the habit of using it, you will start extracting its true value.

At the end of the day, many words from this article may sound like far-fetched. The reason behind that is because we are not readily available to accept new technology. Once voice technology becomes a household item, nobody will have a problem in dealing with them. We won’t have to wait for a long time to make that happen. That is for sure.