Email verification services are not only relevant but highly important for businesses of all sizes. This is because of all the risks involved in sending out emails to what you may believe are known email addresses. Especially when your company does most of its marketing through digital newsletters and email signups, the risks you run are often unknown. Many of the addresses you send to could be a cleverly designed trap and could potentially harm you and your business by lowering your online credibility. Here are some of the ways in which you might be caught out and how email verifier ZeroBounce can make sure that you aren’t.

Email Bounce Checker

The first issue you may encounter while trying to reach customers is that your emails bounce. This happens when you have incorrect or fake email addresses on your mailing list. Not only is this a marketing problem, it also raises red flags if your bounce rate exceeds the 2% industry standard, which does harm your online reputation. Having ZeroBounce’s Email Bounce Checker eliminates unwanted email addresses and helps keep your reputation squeaky clean.

Spam traps and abuse emails

The next two issues that could arise (and these are no mere accidents) are spam traps and abuse emails. A spam trap is a fake email address that is designed specifically by certain Internet Service Providers in an attempt to combat spam. How it works is it collects data on emails that could be seen as spammers. Abuse emails, on the other hand, are email addresses that are owned by real people who have a tendency of marking emails as spam. Both of these situations cause issues but can be avoided with ZeroBounce’s Spam Trap and Abuse Email Checker.

ZeroBounce A.I. – Catch-All Email Verifier

Using an email verifier is the most important and effective way of ensuring the best results for emailing. It also helps get rid of unwanted addresses that may cause your emailing campaigns or messaging harm. Knowing more about email address activity and identifying those that may be a risk to you is very useful and can be achieved with ZeroBounce’s A. I. Email Scoring and Catch-All Validation System. It works by storing each address on your list to give you a clearer picture of possible problem areas.

Email List Append

One form of validation that can aid in fixing problems with your mailing list is by adding more of the details of the person you are sending it to. By confirming certain non-invasive details, such as name, surname, country, city, and so forth, you are building a clearer picture of the receiver and thereby confirming that they are in fact a real person. ZeroBounce’s Email List Append function takes care of the details for you and gathers the information in a professional way, to be added to your existing information about the person receiving your emails.

Each of the five services offered by ZeroBounce can do wonders for how your business promotes itself and can change your marketing strategy entirely. After all, the more leads you can generate through emails, the more customer acquisition your company will get. Having an email verifier, therefore, has a direct impact on you and your business, helping you grow your mailing list, keeping your online reputation positive, and aiding you in getting more customers through relevant email addresses. If building a healthy email list is important to you, as it should be, and increasing your business is what you are aiming for, then having an email verifier is an absolute must. If you don’t have one yet, get one today.