International travel is fun and exciting, even if it’s a business trip. You get to explore exotic locations and experience new cultures. Whether the trip is for a few days or an extended visit, you also need to stay in touch with people back home. Before you make that overseas call, consider the roaming charges.

Overseas calls are rarely free, and the charges can more than double your monthly phone bill. Here’s how you can avoid expenses charges and find the best-prepaid roaming plan.

Talk to Your Current Provider

Most larger phone carriers, think of the companies with the expansive 4G and 5G networks, offer international travel plans to their existing customers. There are terms and conditions, and you want to read the fine print. It covers data speed and usage costs. You may not get the same amount of data with an international travel plan. Going over the data limit is expensive.

You can limit your data usage on a prepaid roaming plan by shutting down any apps running in the background. You may have to give up playing online games, they can use a lot of data. Try to also avoid sending texts with attachments. Most plans cover text, but data usage rates apply when you send links and photos.

Sign Up with Another Provider

Even though you can often sign up with your current provider for a prepaid roaming plan, it’s not always the cheapest option. Some of the best-prepaid roaming plans are through non-subscriber services. You will need to think about how much data you need. You don’t want to go over data usage. Additional charges will apply, and your device may be disconnected until the fees are paid.

The last thing you want is to lose phone service when you’re in a foreign country.

You also get more options with a pay-as-you-go service provider. Your regular provider often limits their prepaid data plans. They tend to focus on in-country data plans, instead of international travel. A prepaid service may also offer better rates, even if you go over the usage limit.

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You can travel overseas and use your cell phone without incurring a hefty bill if you choose the best-prepaid roaming plan. You may have to go outside of your current provider, but it’s worth it when you don’t get an expensive bill. Enjoy your travels and stay connected with the right roaming plan.

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