The problem with blogging these days is that a lot of talented people start doing it, but then feel as if there is no point in doing so – getting a reasonable amount of traffic, subscribers and social shares seems like an impossible feat, when in fact it all comes down to your own ability to be dedicated to that which you do. Blogging is not for everyone, and that’s why we can rely on other established resources for getting our daily fix.

In this post, we will be taking a look at the ten most popular user experience blogs on the web right now. The criteria for establishing this list has been the quality of content, amount of content, as well as the reputation of the given blog/website (or the specific author). This year – 2014 – has been very big in terms of UX and UI talk, so expect to find a lot of juicy content on these blogs. If you want, you can suggest your own – I’ll consider expanding this list in a few weeks!

Now, if you’re into this kind of stuff (resources), then here are a couple of more links to my previous posts that have similar nature:

you’re also welcome to recommend ideas for future posts, I think it really helps to have these links all at once place; not only does it help you to load them all in your RSS reader much quicker, you get a general idea of what is trending on the web. The blogs are listed in no particular order.

UX Movement

This is a strictly user experience blog that focuses on teaching designers and developers how their design choices affect their user behavior. It doesn’t get updated on daily basis, but then again – too much of UX content would probably ruin all the quality. You can start with this piece on responsive design.


Digital Telepathy blog is all about design, craft, and inspiration. Their articles consist of personal experience reports from designers and developers who love working with UX. This particular blog is also the home of many great interviews, and in fact – they’ve got their own free book that you can download; if you want to learn more interviewing your customers.

The Usability Post

I have to admit that it’s not the most frequently updated blog, but it’s probably the most minimal of all. This year, there have been twenty-five posts published, which are focused around icons and redesign concepts. If you take a look at the archives from 2008, you can probably iron out a blog post or two of how things have changed over the years!

UX Booth

The first interview on the blog speaks for itself, it’s an interview with Nir Eyal – the author of a highly acclaimed book Hooked. The rest of the blog is a carefully crafted masterpiece that will give you plenty of design resources, ideas and inspiration to last you for weeks!


It’s good to have access to free resources that discuss the latest trends in your favorite subject, in this case – user experience. UXmatters is a blog that covers things as they happen (well, on the larger scale), and you can find some really insightful topics on this blog. They’re also recruiting, and there are opportunities for UX writers to spread their word.


I really like the headline these guys have put up. “Evidence based research”. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? These guys have been in the industry since early 90’s, and cover a wide variety of design topics; but mostly those that relate to user experience and how it affects your clients, customers, and even simple users. Here’s a nice introduction piece on usability.

Boxes and Arrows

Boxes and Arrows is devoted to the practice, innovation, and discussion of design; including graphic design, interaction design, information architecture and the design of business. Since 2001, it’s been a peer-written journal promoting contributors who want to provoke thinking, push limits, and teach a few things along the way.


In their own words, they’re a reliable and popular resource for web designers. I do have to agree, as this is one of the oldest standing websites (in terms of content and quality), and it’s nice to see that they’ve continued to evolve! You can find all kinds of (relevant) resources about design, including freebies and giveaways.

Luke Wroblewski

Luke W. currently works as a Product Director at Google, before that he built some amazing products like Polar, and Bagcheck – both of which have been acquired by Google, and Twitter respectively. He has published several books on design, including “Mobile First”; a rundown of why you should design your apps, websites and software with mobile devices in mind. Oh, yeah – he does write good research and experience, check it out!

A List Apart

The reason I didn’t include this blog as the first (because lets face it, it’s one of the most trusted ones out there) is because I wan’t to give other designers a chance to explore new and less saturated areas of this particular topic. (Try reading from bottom to top!)

A List Apart is a famous design and development blog that focuses on discovering what makes content what it is today, and how can we better improve the experience of our users with better design choices. A great blog, home to many great authors and inspirational designers.

Best Blogs for UX Designers

Even if you’re just starting out with learning user experience design, many of these blogs will get you up to speed in just a couple of days. Look for lengthy pieces (like 101, guides, and tutorials) that go in-depth about the specific topic, and then take it from there. I’ve definitely learned a few things from these blogs, and I look forward to learning more.