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Quora is one of the most popular question & answer websites in the world, you could say the most intelligent when it comes to technology, science and internet questions. There are plenty of tech people who have settled for Quora as their home. I myself visit Quora on daily basis to see what people are interested in learning about, as well as to answer questions and find content ideas.

The best part of Quora is that getting answers are often very easy, if the questions makes sense (15% don’t make sense), you can use credits to promote your question or you can ask people who have created replies in the specific category to answer the question for you. It’s pretty straightforward and finding intellectual discussions is not hard.

There are of course disadvantages as well, if you consider moving to Quora full-time. It’s only an integrated blogging system, that isn’t emphasized as the sites go-to feature. The blogging platform on Quora is of course amazing, but I wouldn’t recommend blogging there on daily basis.

Watch out for stereotypes who know everything better than you do.

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Advantages of Blogging on Quora

Besides being a great Q&A website, Quora also offers the ability for you to create blogs and share them publicly with the world. Pretty neat, and also pretty useful. Quora itself is a huge website, and the blogs aren’t separated from the main site, so everyone who uses Quora will also be able to use your blog and comment, upvote using their original accounts.


I wouldn’t blog on Quora to make money or to promote a product, it’s pretty pointless as the intention becomes clear very quickly. I would however blog on Quora for feedback on writing, style and the amount of knowledge you preserve.

This is also a big reason why I love WordPress.com, communities like these have established millions of people in their userbase, and everyone has their own interests. When people look for information or something to read, they go to sites like Quora, WP.com, Reddit, etc,.

Getting comments and constructive feedback is much easier and quicker.

Creative Writing

I myself blog creatively somewhere else than on my tech blog, it’s WordPress.com, but Quora is just as good. I prefer to write creatively about poetry and spiritual side of things, on Quora – it’s more internet savvy.

Creative writing is great to unload patterns and ideas that might have been stuck in your head for a while. It also ignites some really interesting discussions and doesn’t force someone to think that the content has been written for the sake of writing it.

Content Stays Relevant

For example, we blog on our blogs on daily basis. Whether we want to admit or not, our content tends to expire in the stream of content that gets pushed to Google all the time. It’s different for evergreen content, but not always is content evergreen and useful for a long time.

Quora blogs are great for people who want to talk about history, or specific genre of music and discuss something particular or fascinating they have found.

I am talking about Quora relevant suggestions which are one of the main ways people find content on the website. These suggestions can be found either on the sidebar or on the bottom of each blog post, giving relevant content some spotlight love.

Other Minor Advantages

There are a lot of benefits to blogging on Quora, I feel like I have mentioned most of the important ones, so here is a list of minor ones;

  • Detailed Blog Analytics
  • Upvote / Downvote System
  • Invite People to View Your Blog
  • State of the Art Text Editing
  • Automatic Link Converter
  • Free, Doesn’t Require Hosting
  • Spam Protection
  • Security Protection
  • Intellectual Audience

Disadvantages of Blogging on Quora

It’s all great and wonderful, but Quora blogs are not something I would consider replacing my original WordPress installations with. For creative writing, thought expression and free prose in return for tons of readers, sure, I will signup and blog there.

Analytics Mean Nothing

Although Quora offers detailed and comprehensive analytics available to each blog post, there aren’t any real use to them as you cannot make money. You could try advertising through your blog posts, but then the content has to be unusually good and trend worthy.

Importing / Exporting Unavailable

It’s simply not possible, and if you happen to be blogging on Quora for a while and want to move to your own blog – taking those posts with is not going to be easy or possible even.

Same Google Ranking for Everyone

Quora isn’t extremely high up in the Google, but it’s like I said, higher than the average blog you find on the web. I wouldn’t start blogging on Quora hoping that it will be a good way to generate traffic from Google.

I think that is about everything I could come up with. If you happen to have more tips and things to add to this list, please do so by getting in touch :)