BuyerDeck is a sales platform built by sales people, for people who work in sales. It has been around for a little time, and is finally making a debut in the real world with their amazingly easy to use product.

If you know how difficult it can be to manage CRM data and keep it in one place, you’ll be pleased to hear that BuyerDeck takes away all of that unnecessary work, and gives you the ability to capture and analyze sales from within one dashboard. The BuyerDeck dashboard panel includes a ton of features to make life easier for you. Here is a introductory video:

We invent technology for sales people, BuyerDeck is a simple and beautiful way to capture sales notes and insights. To pursue remarkability and transparency in your sales engagement BuyerDeck will allow sales to marry physical context and digital intelligence to deliver a unique service directly into buyers hands. We want to bring humanity, connections and the buying process to life.

You should understand by now that BuyerDeck wants to help you to get to know your customers better, in a simple and effective way. You’ll find a lot of the features really thoughtful and something that others should have thought of long before BD came around. Like for example the ability to ask questions to your customers, about the sales process and what you’re trying to do – then validate that information and improve upon it.


Create a landing page for the deal you want to close, share targeted content with the buyer and watch the magic happen. The data that comes out the other end can then be used to improve your sales ratio, and know which clients are interested in what you’re offering. All in all a new SaaS platform that looks promising and hopefully we will be hearing more about it in the future.

The pricing is incredibly reasonable and I think it will appeal to a lot of teams who need such a platform for managing, tracking and engaging their customers.

Best of luck to the team, as I’ve heard there are some funding rounds going on at the moment, and BuyerDeck has made it into the list.