Let’s start with the basics – do you know what SERPs are? The term is short for Search Engine Results Pages, and in the world of SEO, it gives goosebumps to every marketer battling for the first place in these results.

Some ten years ago, getting organic visits from Google was easy. Today, it’s a true nightmare trying to battle for the top places in SERPs, which will eventually get you the most visits. This is why more and more businesses are aiming for alternative ways to get traffic on their pages.

In this article, we’re going to share three things that might help you in your attempt to get more visitors to your website and get your business going. Read on if you want to know what they are. If you like what you see, go ahead and give them a chance.  

1. Try Social Media Marketing

There are nearly 4 billion people active on various social media platforms. Facebook still rules the market with almost 3 billion active users per month. With nearly 2.5 billion, YouTube is there too, and Instagram is trying to catch up with 1.22 billion.

You can’t ignore these numbers. Creating a profile on the most popular ones is a must if you want to get the best of the social media world. However, only a profile won’t do much. You need to provide amazing content for them. Social media is excellent for businesses only if their brand goes viral.

Achieving this is not easy. You need to create content that will be highly valuable for users of these social media. There isn’t one good recipe to go viral. You need to learn more about your audience and keep trying until you nail one good post that thousands or even millions of potential clients will see.

2. Use Performance Marketing Platforms

A much better way to get traffic to your page is by using a performance marketing platform. This type of software will allow your website to appear during the search process for your brand. Let your clients easily find you by clicking your brand tile or instant search suggestion before they even complete the search. 

This is a perfect way to get around the power of Google and the visits websites aim for. There are lots of platforms trying to do this. It’s crucial to find one that works with big companies where people usually look for products, like NewProgrammatic, a performance marketing platform that is very easy to use and delivers excellent results to its clients.

That might be also a great opportunity to get traffic from a keyword search when your brand’s name is strongly related to that keyword. Your name will appear before the user even hits the search button. That’s great stuff, right there!

3. Try Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing appeared a few years ago, and it seems like it will grow tremendously in the future. There are social media users across various platforms to have hundreds of millions of users following them. This type of advertising means getting your ad to reach millions of potential buyers.

There are influencers in nearly all categories. You can be in any business, be sure that you’ll find someone influential to promote your product. From fitness to parenting products, the Internet has it all.

According to the latest stats, the influencer market is worth around $15 billion. What is more important is that having your product advertised by some of the most influential users on the Internet will get you thousands of visits and hundreds of buyers from just one ad.


These options are done without Google’s influence and spending months trying to get on top of the SERPs. Aside from spending a lot of time, you’ll surely need to spend a lot of money on SEO experts too.

Instead, you can try some of these ideas and see where they’ll get you. They are more affordable and obviously get the job done fast and efficiently. You should run your business and let someone else handle the marketing part, like the performance marketing platform we mentioned or the social media attempts.

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