Commando_io - Manage servers easily online

GitHub is great for managing revisions, and making open-source very, very accessible. Commando wants to be the GitHub to managing your servers, from an easy to use and understand online dashboard. I’ve not played around with it for too long, but from the first experiences, it seems like a really good tool – and perhaps has a place in the market.

I found the video very relaxing, and it certainly explains the majority of the features, and functions that Commando can perform. It works through native SSH connections, which can really help you save time when it’s most needed, and it also makes the installation experience that much more seamless.

It currently supports automatic server import from the following providers,

  • DigitalOcean
  • Amazon EC2
  • Rackspace Cloud

You can create recipes, to execute across all of your servers at once, or you can upload files and share them across all of the connected servers at once, it’s really versatile and I’m sure these guys know what they are doing, we should expect some interesting additions to this platform.

Security is a big concern, definitely. They seem to have a separate site section for reporting vulnerabilities, as well as list of contributors who’ve already reported bugs, exploits and other similar stuff. Take a look at the page here. I think for such sites, security is definitely one of the top priorities.

I’ve seen the field before, and I know the temptation that comes with having access to thousands of servers, especially when nobody is looking.