CredHive - Find a Job by Showcasing Your Work Anonymously

This is a new startup that wants to help you, the worker – showcase your best work in hopes of finding the perfect employer, but – until someone is interested: keep your profile private. The startup is called CredHive.

The idea is that the whole hiring process is eliminated, by giving the employer your best samples and previews – he is able to make decisions based upon what he really needs from you. This is a wonderful idea and I cannot wait to see in action. I’ve yet to see if CredHive would be able to provide invitation codes for CodeCondo readers, but I’ll tweet this out and hopefully we can get a response from someone on the team.

CredHive - How It Works

You can upload all of your showcasing work to the CredHive cloud, and at any given moment – have full access to it. This is pretty sweet, considering that it’s like an on-going CV that always grows, and whenever you decide to change jobs – you can just change from employed to unemployed and you’re again in the cloud for employers to see.

To protect your privacy and your work, you’re going to be able to sign a ‘Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)’ which will allow you to protect everything that you share on CredHive. Here is an image that explains everything in a bit more depth, I really like the idea and I hope it can get adjusted to the perfection. Experienced and freelance workers might fall in love with CredHive.

CredHive FAQ

You can follow @CredHive until there becomes more information available, and perhaps check back on this post in a few days when we get some invite codes going for the community members!