The Currency - News & Insights About Cryptocurrencies

I’ve talked about tools that help to maintain and curate stuff in one place in my earlier posts. The Currency however is a super minimal and slim startup that will curate and display all of the hottest cryptocurrency news in one place.

The Currency - Submit a New Article

You can register in order to enable the ability to submit new articles. After submitted, you can engage people in a discussion in the comments. It’s a pretty simple and straightforward process, and I like the idea of keeping it as minimal as possible. There will probably be new features introduced in the future, but currently I’m liking the idea as it is.

We believe that with the rise of the cryptocurrencies ecosystem and startups like Square, Simple and many more challenging the status quo, the financial industry is going to be revolutionized, and we want The Currency to become the best place to watch and debate the revolution.

As you can see, there is actually a vision behind the startup and that’s of course a good thing. I’ll be tweeting this out to The Currency team and maybe we can get someone to join us in a discussion about future plans for the site, are there going to be any advertisements and such?