Glimpse - Mobile Dating App Built on Instagram

Glimpse is an Instagram dating app that will help you find dates through it’s platform that integrated directly with Instagram. I’ve actually got very limited amount of details at the moment, and I hope that Elan will be able to join us in the comments and explain a little bit more about his startup and what the future looks like for it.

How Glimpse Works:

  1. You Sign-In With Instagram
  2. Complete Your Story (Profile) With Nine Unique Photos
  3. Explore Who’s on Glimpse (Anonymously)
  4. Nudge Those Who You Find Interesting
  5. If Someone Nudges Back, Uncover the Photo

I actually like the idea a lot, because of how transparent it is. I think the part where you get to view nine photos that someone has selected is really interesting, and the guessing game of what the persons personality could be like is probably going to appeal to more than just a couple of people. I was thinking about as soon as I saw the feature, so..

That’s as much as we’ve got at the moment. You can download the app from iTunes store, but you will need an invite first, which can be acquired by requesting one from the homepage. (link above)