- Trending Discussions on Twitter in One Place

Whenever there is a new startup that wants to gather and put together data – I get excited, because it means that I can hope to create more meaningful content than I already do. It gives me the chance to explore other people and potential new connections from within one dashboard.

There are a few tools out there that do this really well, but I’m here to feature – which as of the writing of this post offers very little information, apart from this slogan on the homepage: helps you follow the most important discussions, virals and memes happening right now on Twitter.

This will probably become very celebrity, influential people center in the end. Who else can make discussions ‘important’ other than those people, right? I do hope there is going to be some room for growth and that everyone will in one way or another be able to be featured on this new application.

We all look at online news differently, and some of us prefer to have everything in one place, so this is where could really come into play and deliver your daily dose of news straight from one single frontpage, which you can modify and customize according to your own interests and needs.

The biggest concern is that it could eventually become ‘biased’ and not as unique as it could be, though it’s too early to predict that and we’ll have to wait and see about updates and feature list releases.