5 Unmistakable Benefits from Setting Daily Blogging Goals

I cannot think of a single reason why you shouldn’t start setting daily goals for yourself. I have actually forgotten what it was like to mindlessly try and organize everything in one place. Don’t get me wrong, I still suck at setting my daily goals, I need to master the thing – but I have taken the necessary steps in the right direction, have you?

Steps in the Right Direction

When you aren’t writing down what you need to achieve, you are trying to guess and predict that what you need to do. The sort of “I’ll do whatever I feel like doing right now” attitude. It’s absurd and you should get rid of it straight away, if you want to have a positive change in your business life.

Ideas come and go, you want to do so much at any given time, never giving yourself a break to think over that should be the number one priority. What’s your plan for the morning? Do you want to write, or do you want to exercise and meditate? In the later morning, is it going to be reading or you will finally start to write? These questions hunt you for the rest of day.

Unless, of course, you plan everything ahead.

Learning to Time Control

I could have used another sub-heading title, but I didn’t.

The first thing I learned when I began setting daily goals for myself and my projects, I began taking time more seriously, not in a sense that I care about time. I did instead, start noticing that I can spend allocated time doing one task and not get my whole energy drained out. The part where you variate your tasks is very important.

I cannot imagine myself doing just one thing, and one thing only every day. When you plan ahead, every hour counts, because you are allocating each part of the day to a specific task, aren’t you? If you are blogging, like I am, spend some time writing, then move on to promoting.

Do different things, but do them within the time limits you set to yourself.

Growing Confidence & Discipline

I actually didn’t realize this was a benefit to setting daily goals, until I started doing it myself, but it really is. It is because you tell yourself you have got things to do, and you are bound to switch over to “lazy mood” once in a while. When you begin to force yourself out of that hole, you are starting to grow your confidence while disciplining yourself.

Growing Confidence & DisciplineAfter all, you have got things to do. You have got the time to do them, and you have got the knowledge. It’s the ego inside your head that keeps telling you to stop and do something else for a “little” while. Those tiny moments add up to hours through the whole day. Hours you could have spent doing something productive and rewarding!

Getting Things Done

You bond, with your planner. The planner becomes an essential part of you, because you know you have got work to do. Having those things written down in your planner makes it that much more easy for you to focus on work. Yet, you don’t want to disappoint yourself AND the planner.

This is why I love finishing my goals, because I know I am getting things done. Things that help me grown and learn more about my passions and my expertise. Yes, you are going to have days when you don’t finish everything you have planned (it’s a natural part of the process), but don’t force yourself to do more than you have the energy or the time for.

Feeling Good About Yourself

After a long, hard day at work, you go over your daily goals and you see that everything has been done. Few blog posts there, a couple there, social media promotion, replying to a couple of mentions, sending out a few emails, programming a little bit. It’s all coming along nicely, life ain’t so bad!

Feeling Good About YourselfI don’t know what the whole process is called, but when you do something that you set yourself out to do, you feel good about it. You just do. Setting goals for yourself and your business is no exception. You are going to feel good about yourself, every time you cross out one goal from the list, up to the point where there are none left.

Do you feel good about yourself, when you get stuff done? I’d love to hear your own experience and way of doing things.

Foreseeable Results

I have already covered a lot, but one of the best benefits is that you are in charge of what is happening. You are pushing yourself daily and you start to notice the tiniest changes, you don’t judge them – they just happen and you know things are moving into the right direction. When you do something that is wrong, you instantly know that it is wrong because you feel it inside of you.

When you work hard, you are being given back the ability to see in which direction your blog is heading and you can always change it around if you like.

Mindless blogging consists of hitting the “Publish” button as many times as possible, without any concern for the future.