Laravel Project Course

The idea of learning a complicated and a rather difficult programming definitely raises goosebumps for a lot of people. Add courses and tutorials that are hard to understand, and more people are sure to turn away from learning altogether. This is why, Eduonix has introduced a brand new approach to learning – a hands-on, learn by actually building – approach.

Eduonix’s Laravel Fundamentals course was quite successful, but raised questions about practicality of integrating it, thus the company realized that while many courses online covered the basics and textbook theory, there are very few resources that help developers actually use what they have learned. Theory courses, while informative, fail to help developers when it comes to actually being able to use everything they’ve learned in real life.
Laravel Fundamentals
This is why Eduonix has introduced a course on Kickstarter that will bridge the gap between the theory and real world, by helping developers gain the confidence to start developing projects, which start from simple concepts and progress on to cover more complex ideologies.

PHP is currently the most popular server-side scripting language that is popular for allowing developers to build some complex systems with fewer lines of codes. It’s objective-oriented approach at coding, making codes more readable to the developers and also allows more dynamic applications. This general-purpose scripting language is suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.

To make it even easier to write apps with PHP, frameworks were introduced that allowed more plug-in features and more options for the developers. Laravel is one of these amazing frameworks that has become a fan favorite for PHP developer worldwide. Laravel was introduced in 2011 by Taylor Otwell who was looking for an advanced alternative to CodeIgniter, another famed PHP framework, but at that didn’t offer features such as built-in support for user authentication and authorization. So, Otwell designed his own framework that did, and since then Laravel has slowly risen the ranks to become one of the most popular PHP frameworks currently in use.

Why Laravel?

Laravel’s popularity comes from its claim of being a simple, elegant and well documented technology. And a closer look will prove that. Laravel’s interface is extremely simple, easy to understand and implement. It’s functions work elegantly and seamlessly with very little configuration. To lessen the code-bloat, the framework relies on industry-standard conventions.
Why Laravel
Lastly, the documentation is complete and up to date. Otwell also ensures to document with extensive details and examples when any new changes happen. These make Laravel stand out among the sea of other PHP frameworks, making it one of the top frameworks to use.

What does the Eduonix’s course offer?

As previously mentioned, the course aims to bridge the gap between the documentation and the real-world application of the code. To help developers learn not just the theory, the course will take them through the journey of building 10 powerful applications from scratch. These 10 apps will range from easy to more complex as they progress and will help the students gradually grow and become comfortable enough to implement Laravel slowly into their coding lives. They will also have access to these apps and will be allowed to keep them royalty-free.

The 10 Projects covered in this course:

• Basic Website: – This project will ensure that you become familiar with the entire app development lifecycle of Laravel.
• Todo List: – This will be your intro to working with databases. This app will be aimed to clarify the core Laravel concepts and by the end of this project you will be very comfortable building a complete CRUD application.
• Login System: – This project will help you become familiar with the login and authentication system.
• Blog Application: – Creating a complete blog system will lay a solid foundation in helping you understand the salient features of Laravel.
• Bookmark Manager: – This will be an interesting application which will teach you to create Bookmark manager for your favorite websites.
• Time Sheet: – A live project management cum timesheet web app will be ideal to master complex concepts including MVC and modular development.
• Restaurant Order App: – This will be a fairly complex app and you will be a complete professional laravel developer after creating this App.
• Portfolio Website: – This will be a lightweight but will cover some critical and not widely known Laravel concepts.
• CMS: – Building a CMS using Laravel will be a very challenging project and will reinforce learning best web development techniques and procedures.
• Social Network: – This will be the most extensive project among the group. It will be perfect to fine tune all your Laravel and other web technologies know how.

So, how can you get on board?
If you want to learn Laravel or even become an expert PHP developer, then this course if for you. If you are tired of old methods of teaching that results in leading you nowhere, then this course is for you. Even if you just want to learn Laravel using a practical approach, this course is definitely for you.

All you need to do to help bring this course to life is visit Eduonix’s Kickstarter Campaign Page and submit your pledge, that’s it! So, go now, click the link above and pledge your support!

Also, For more deeper understanding and creating your own website using Laravel, you can watch this useful YouTube video by Eduonix!