One of the most crucial aspects of any business is customer service. You may have the most amazing product or service in the world; if your customer service is terrible, your business will struggle to retain customers. 

With technology, you can change how you respond or cater to your customers’ needs: no more slow responses and long waits. However, remember that knowing what your customers want and effecting that in your products or services is the first process of customer satisfaction. Tools like customer experience monitoring software help you track your customers’ behavior and get feedback from sources like social media and surveys. 

Good customer service can significantly improve the growth of your business and the satisfaction of your customers. So here are five ways you can use tech to ensure your customers have the best experience with your customer service.

Marketing Automation 

Marketing automation is the use of software or platforms to carry out repetitive tasks automatically and mostly independently. 

Customers love quick and effective responses, and marketing automation can help you provide that for your customers as your company can now work faster and more efficiently. 

24/7 Availability 

The regular weekdays, nine to five customer service can be frustrating and annoying for your customers. However, businesses now have the luxury of 24/7 Customer service availability with tech. Companies can be in touch with their customers anywhere and anytime via emails, multiple social networks, and SMS messaging.

Social Media Platforms

Social media is one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century for business owners to build trusting relationships with their customers. 

One of the first places customers go when they have issues or questions about a product or service is the company’s social media platform. Thanks to social media, businesses can now connect and communicate with their customers quickly and more effectively.

Live Chat

Live chats can help create personal connections with your customers and help save money. Instead of calls and emails, customers can type in a question and get an instant and effective response from your customer care representatives.

ML and AI Chatbots

Customers don’t appreciate waiting in call queues, especially when they urgently need customer service assistance. With the aid of Chatbots, you can respond swiftly to your customers. However, note that sometimes when people speak to Chatbots, they still feel the need to talk to a person. So chatbots can help your company’s staff work faster and more efficiently but won’t replace them. 

Technology can improve your customer service in many ways. Still, tech is best at supporting teams and making it easier to provide efficient customer service as it cannot achieve this independently. 

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