Looking for someone or want to find real and valid information about a person? Well, many people search websites that claim that they give the correct and accurate information about the person, but still can make a mistake or something by which you do not get full precise details.

To ensure that you get accurate information, there are a few ways to give you a full-proof formula for finding information about a person.

Many websites collect public records from social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, which can give you a brief idea about a person. But what if they have not used valid information, then you will also get the wrong information about that person.

So, to overcome these things, there are a few websites or a few ways which not only collect information from these social sites but also get information from official public records, which makes sure that you get full-proof details of a person.

We have listed two ways out of all the ways, which gives a full-proof formula for easily finding info about a person.


This website has been there for more than ten years and has over one lakh of happy customers. It provides free and a paid way to search for someone and find their accurate and valid information.

Radaris is like an information broker, it not only gathers information from social sites but also gets access to the official public records and compiles all the information and gives it to you, which is a full-proof formula to search anyone.

It gives a free reverse name search as well, and you can search for someone using just the necessary information like their name, phone number, address, business, or even property. This is way more convenient because you will have any of the mentioned information to search for more.

Using this website is very simple; just follow the steps mentioned:

  • Go to the website link, and you will find four options to choose from- people, business, property, and phone.
  • You can select any of the four depending upon the information you have
  • Enter them and click on the search.

After this, you will get a list of people with their information.

One benefit of using Radaris is that you cannot only find the personal background information like their phone number, address, relatives, and other personal records, but you can check their criminal records, business, and property records as well, which will definitely allow you to get accurate information.


The second is Google because it is the frequently used way to search someone’s profiles, phone numbers, and other basic information. Using google as a people finder will give you their social handles and additional basic information that is accurate because you can even look for their images and determine whether this is the person you are searching for. When you search for someone on Google it will give many results, but to filter them, you can do the following:

  • When searching for someone with their name, you can put double quotes around the name and then search. What will happen with this is that if you place double quotes around the name, Google will show you the results with both first and last names the same.
  • You can include more information to filter the results.
  • In case you have a picture of the person, you can also search for people using google images.

If you search on Google, you will get the URL for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more. So, using google also gives you a full-proof way to find information about a person. It will take some time because if you are dedicated to finding someone’s information, you have to put on some efforts, and it is free of cost.

So, these were two of the many ways which provide you a full-proof formula to find information about a person quickly. One thing that you must remember before searching for someone’s information is that, make sure that the information you have like the name, address, or phone number is accurate, because if you enter a wrong spelling or incorrect information, then you will definitely end up having the information which is not right.