In the past few years, the popularity of digital professions highly increased. It is no surprise: people are tired of the offices and sticking to one place for a long time. The internet is evolving really fast, and almost everyone can find a job online. The job that will allow them to stay on freelance and enjoy the benefits of a self-made timetable and no limits of their income. 

It is quite common to think that working remotely is good only for developers, web designers, and other IT professions. The best thing about the Internet is that it welcomes everyone who has the skills. Especially in creative professions. And writing for sure requires a lot of creativity, hard work, and determination. If you write, you are able to find a lot of full-time job offers that allow you to work remotely. But what if you want to define your schedule by yourself? 

There are a lot of websites that warmly welcome freelancers. But at the same time, the Internet is full of low-quality freelance markets that don’t let you earn much. Or where it is quite hard to find an order even for the copywriter. Some of the websites that pay writers may take a huge percent out of the income or fine you for the late turn of your work.

That is why it is crucial to find the job offers and orders in the top online writing platforms. The Internet allows everyone to find a platform that will fit your needs the best way possible. Genuine websites are out there, and we have created a list for struggling writers. The list includes the platforms for every skill level. Even if you are just a beginner and not sure where to start: try one of these platforms and engage in the world of freelance working. You can also find here part-time or full-time jobs.

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Top platforms for writers

1. iWriter

This platform is one of the best tools for freelance authors. It is especially quite useful for beginners. The process of connecting with a client here is designed in the easiest way, avoiding the huge competition, and letting the newbies gain their first orders. The process of registration is also quite simple. You only need to fill out the short form and write two prompts, 250 words each. After the evaluation of your prompts, you will have the access to the writing jobs based on your level. As you evolve your writing skills, you earn more with every order.

2. Listverse

This platform really loves the lists as you may see from their title. The website allows you to write articles on various topics: lifestyle, technology, sport, science, and society. The genres also may differ, and you can even write on rare topics that are not commonly covered. The only mandatory requirement for the article is to include a list that contains a minimum of ten items. And of course, the originality of the content and the validity of the references on the list. It is basically a dream platform for the writers interested in rare topics that need to be explained to the larger part of Internet users. Plus, it is a quite popular website, so it is again a good start for beginners and a nice paragraph in a CV.

3. Constant Content

Constant Content is basically a writing agency that helps writers to connect with the business owners. It is a useful tool if you want to try copywriting or UX writing. On this website, you can create your own profile pointing out your skills and previous experiences. Then you can apply for the offers and projects that fit your experience and interests here. You can also chat with the business owners and monitor the offers. It is a useful platform if you want to build a writing reputation and long-term relationships with businesses and brands. 


If you enjoy writing in unserious genres, this platform is for you! Cracked looks for writers that specialize in creating entertaining content. To start writing you can register on their writers’ website to start. When you are a part of the team, you will need to create humorous articles in form of the blog posts. They also like lists because people generally enjoy them, and it is easier to include pictures in the post. Articles with videos or images are also welcome here. The main requirement is entertainment and the easy style of writing. They don’t like complex reasoning here, but they welcome many types of content. It doesn’t have to be related to a specific topic; it just has to be fun!

5. The Writer Finder

This freelance platform is one of the most reliable on the Internet. Whether you are a newbie, or you already have relevant experience and want to earn more, this website offers great rates. As you register as a writer, you will have various projects to browse through. The platform itself introduces you to the client so you don’t have to communicate directly. The Writer Finder is quite popular and gains enough views, so it is a great Kickstarter for your writing career.

Of course, we can’t include every reliable website on our list, so don’t hesitate to look for other ones. But, before signing up for work, make sure that you won’t get scammed. Everyone should be paid fair rates for their work. And no one should be left unpaid. So, always check the reviews of writing services before doing the job for them. That way you will for sure be a successful freelancer! 

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