You’ll love GitPoints if you love to socialize and want to compete between other members of the community. The site itself says that it wants to ‘Gamify’ your GitHub’s. GitPoints is a new startup that is looking to tap into the market with an application that will allow you to earn points for writing good code.

Not just writing though – editing, pulling and publishing the written code will also help you earn more points and raise above everyone else. It seems very unclear at the moment, what the real cherry behind the startup is going to be, but I can clearly see how appealing GitPoints can be to team’s who need something to motivate them for future projects.

GitPoints - How It Works

The startup wants to analyze your GitHub activity and rate you for it in a healthy, productive and entertaining manner. The mentality behind the project is hardly ‘who is the best’ and instead ‘make it as fun as possible’. You can expect to learn more about your team members and code itself by having real-time data available at all times.

GitPoints - Preview

There is currently very limited amount of information, and I hope that the founders of this startup will join me in the discussion and perhaps explain a little more what is the direction they’re heading into and what can we expect, and how soon. It looks promising and perhaps there is a space in the market for it.