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I cannot come up with a single reason, why you shouldn’t be a part of Google+ communities. In the recent year it has become the place to be for technology, science, engineering and creativity oriented people. The design changes that Google+ announced at Google I/O 2013 completely changed the way people interact and engage each other on this social network.

I have got no doubt in my mind that I will create a series of Top 10 Google+ Communities that will cover all things search, marketing, content and so on. Google+ used to be the new kid on the block, but it has managed to grow and become self sustained social networking website that you should immediately become a part of if you haven’t done so already.

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By the way, this is a hot question and topic (at least it used to be), Google+ does not have any direct impact on your search results, Eric from StoneTemple has done a bit of research and proved that +1’s don’t have anything to do with increasing your rankings, the only thing +1’s are good for is getting you up in SERP’s for people that you are connected with. (circles, people you follow)

The Average Google+ Community

  1. Engaging
  2. Intelligent
  3. Helpful
  4. Educational
  5. Lots of Opinions

And that is only my own take from my personal experience with communities and people on Google+.

Top 11 Google+ Communities for Bloggers

There is definitely something for everyone, and I just want to say that often the communities with less members are the ones where you can find the most insights at. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Professional Blogging

Professional Blogging Community Google+

I’m a bastard for shamelessly plugging my own community, but I believe that one day I will be able to get it on its feet and actually have meaningful and interesting conversations on it. It’s a community where I wish to see webmasters and bloggers who are doing what they do; full-time.

We see a lot of bloggers who are great at what they do, but they don’t do it full-time and hence aren’t always available for help or have enough time to research their industries. This community is meant to deal with that problem, when the time is right.

My Blog Guest

My Blog Guest Community Google+
My Blog Guest is a community for bloggers who want to interact other and engage in guest blogging opportunities. I wouldn’t say that the majority of the people using this service and are professional or even half way there, but you can occasionally find some great opportunities that are worth taking.

While you can try to share and look for guest blogging opportunities right from the community page, it’s encouraged to use the site for higher success rates.

Blogging for Beginners

Blogging for Beginners Community Google+
A community for new and intermediate bloggers to learn more about blogging. You will find links shared from other bloggers that talk about all things blogging. This community offers several categories for discussions and and asking questions. Beginner friendly.

Blogging for Business

Blogging for Business Community Google+
Not a beginner? You can always join a community that is more mature and has different topics discussed. Blogging for Business is a great Google+ community full of people who are interested (and already have) in monetizing their blogs. You will find a lot of resources regarding building traffic and which tools to use for best optimization.

This is a community for bloggers and business owners who are seeking to make their blogging profitable. Tips and discussions on traffic building, email marketing, copywriting, social media, online business building, and more.

Blogging UK

Blogging UK Community Google+
Are you from the United Kingdom? I’m not, but it doesn’t mean I cannot join this community. Don’t join this blogger community in spite of what they say, but for the information and opportunities it can offer. Reach out to people in this community to collaborate with, the English man are known for their warm hearts and you should take it to your full advantage. Sorry, Brits!

Blog Post Spotlight

Blog Post Spotlight Community Google+
Who said advertising always has to be bought for money? What about a simple community exchange? Blog Post Spotlight is a great community which lets you share your content without any restrictions, it’s not the biggest community ever but you can definitely find some like-minded people, who might share your content with others. :)

Bloggers World

Bloggers World Community Google+
One of the bigger blogging communities around. Don’t be fooled by spam that might occasionally make its appearance as it will be dealt with rather quickly. A lot of questions on this community, so answering them and engaging people might be of benefit to you, as people like to follow knowledgeable persons :)

G+ Food Bloggers Community

Food Bloggers Community Google+
No doubt, food blogging is a huge industry with a lot of people taking part. What can we learn from food bloggers you might ask? Well, for one, we can learn how to make great food! The other part is being nice and kind to each other, something that a lot of people actually lack.

I’m just kidding, it’s a great community to find collaboration opportunities and learn from each other. The munchies are strong with this one.

Zero Links Blogging Discussion

Zero Links Blogging Discussion Community Google+
No fluff, pure discussion. Tips, tricks, questions or answers…it’s all here, without the need to go to other websites. It’s an amazing community where you can help people out and gain more recognition for yourself. I would definitely join this community if I was you! Community Community Google+
Need help or advice with Look no further than this community of helpers. Anything you need help with, someone can most likely guide you in the right direction. I felt the need to include this community because of how many people still use the free blogging platform. The community is strict on learning, and any spam will be dealt with accordingly.


WordPress Community Google+
Why WordPress? Because you most likely use WordPress as your blogging platform of choice, plus there is a ton of good stuff to read about in this community. There are thousands of people being a part of it and the discussions are pretty intelligent and insightful most of the time. Good place to answer and ask questions as well.

Google+ is Growing
There is plenty of room for Google+ to expand and it’s definitely going to do so. It’s really cozy there and I cannot think of a single social networking website that can compare to the quality of discussion that can be found in these communities.

Have you got your own favorite Google+ communities you are a part of? I don’t mind you advertising your own communities either, it’s what its all about :)