Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event took place on June 6. Apple announced the improvements to iOS 16, which will now have several new features, such as an enhanced lock screen. It also concentrated on enhancing the dictation and messaging apps throughout the presentation.

Apple WWDC also unveiled watchOS 9, which will have new features, upgrades, and the ability to track prescriptions. With the help of the Stage Manager, Apple’s Ventura and iPadOS 16 will feature improved multitasking.

The launch of the M2 processor, a next-generation processor that will run on the two new laptops, the 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, was one of the big announcements at Apple WWDC 2022. The 5-nm silicon chipset will have a storage capacity of 24GB. The MacBook Air will reportedly be released in India in a month and cost Rs 1,19,900.

Summary of Apple WWDC 2022

MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

Costs for the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air have been announced in India. According to Apple, although the dates are not yet set, the new MacBook Pro and Macbook Air laptops will be available in India next month. It will only be available through authorized Apple retailers.

The MacBook Air will start at Rs 119,900, but it will be available for Rs 109,900 for education. A 512 GB MacBook Air will cost Rs 1,49,900. The MacBook Pro will start at Rs 129,900 for education and cost Rs 1,49,900 with 512 GB. The 35W power adapters with dual USB-C connectors will set you back $5,800.

All of Apple’s major announcements have been made, and the developer beta will be available later in the day. Later, public betas will be made available.

iPadOS 16 & macOS Ventura

macOS Ventura & iPadOS 16

The Apple iPadOS 16 is designed to rely on a virtual memory swap, which can be used as additional memory or RAM. Stage Manager will be available on iPadOS 16 as well.

Apple has included numerous new features to iPadOS 16. The toolbars can now be personalized, there will be navigation buttons in the Files app, and users can now alter the file extensions. Contact merging, listing, and undo/redo options will also be available.

Apple WWDC 2022 unveiled the WeatherKit and Collaborated programs, which will be available on iOS16 and macOS.

Facetime will get a continuity function.

MacOS Ventura now includes Shared Tabs. Apple also intends to replace “passwords” with “PassKeys,” which will be available for iPads, iPhones, and Macs.

The mail app now includes an undo button.

Apple unveiled macOS Ventura, a newer version of macOS that includes Stage Manager.

  • Apple announced the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro prices with M2, which are $1099 and $1299, respectively. The old MacBook Air with M1 retains its price of $999.
  • Apple revealed its latest 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro.
  • Apple WWDC 2022 announced MacBook Air with a 13.6-inch screen, 10-bit display, 1080p camera, spatial audio, and other new features. 
  • Now available in 5nm silicon, the M2 processor features a 10-core GPU and an 8-core CPU, and it can hold up to 24GB of memory.
  • The watchOS nine will allow users to monitor their medication through their Apple Watch.
  • It’s expected that Apple will wait for the FDA to approve adding this new feature to watchOS 9 that lets users track their A-fib history.

Triathletes’ workout tracking will be improved.

According to the Apple WWDC, new capabilities for improved workout monitoring will be implemented.

Apple WatchOS 9 adds four new capabilities, including a lunar watch face and playtime with wacky numbers.

  • CarPlay from Apple gets a revamp.
  • A new apple protocol for smart homes is called “Matter.” Also, the My Home app is said to be redesigned.
  • A Safety Check feature added to Apple iOS targets women in abusive relationships.
  • Parental control is improved since Apple allows easier access and management for children.
  • Apple Maps has been redesigned to enable multistep routine.
  • With Apple Pay Later, users will be able to split a bill and pay it over time.
  • Live Text has been upgraded and improved according to Apple’s WWDC 2022.
  • Apple creates improvements in dictation for iOS 16.
  • SharePlay is introduced in the Messages.
  • Apple iOS16 allows users to undo and edit sent messages.
  • Apple presents Live Screen activity for iOS 16 Lock Screen.

The Apple WWDC presentation begins with iOS 16, which receives a big overhaul, including an upgraded lock screen, color filters, configurable themes and fonts, and so on.

CEO Tim Cook takes the stage to begin the Apple WWDC keynote. He talks about Tech Talks and the new developer academy for women.

Apple’s live stream is available on Apple TV and the company’s official website.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, tweets about the Apple WWDC 2022.

This year’s Apple WWDC will be streamed live and accessible via Safari on the company’s official website. It will also be a webcast on YouTube for those who enjoy Apple products.

The iOS 16 UI must undergo significant modifications during the Apple WWDC.

Various commentators offer their perspectives on this year’s Apple WWDC.

Many people anticipate the release of watchOS 9, which will contain upgrades to functions, such as low power mode, Health, and others.

The anticipation grows as Apple WWDC delivers optimism for a new version of the Mac Pro.

The prospects of the AR/VR being shown are slim. However, there may be glimpses of it. The Apple WWDC 2022 will concentrate on software enhancements.

iPadOS 16 is expected to receive significant updates.

Apple will only reveal the enhancements made to iOS 16, and the release dates will be announced later. The public beta of iOS16 will also be available at Apple WWDC.

Apple WWDC primarily focuses on software; however, it is rumored that this year’s event will include the introduction of the MacBook Air. However, it is unclear whether or not it will consist of the M2 processor.

Tim Cook tweets before Apple WWDC 2022, congratulating the developers attending the event.

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