It appears that some companies simply have the necessary charm, in order to make it to the billion-dollar club list. I’ve definitely not heard of many of the companies on this list, but it’s always nice to find out who are the money makers out there in the real world – and it’s also a great way to explore and learn more for yourself. I’m fairly confident that a lot of these companies have got someone writing books about them and teaching others how to master the art of startups.

The one thing that is absolute necessary is of course a great start, and you cannot allow failure to occur when launching your startup.

The oldest company on the list is Fanatics, the company was established 19 years ago in 1995. With two initial rounds of funding, the latest valuation estimates $1.5 billion value, amazing!

The newest company on the list is Snapchat, with the valuation of $2.0 billion – and was founded only in 2012! The greatest story about this company so far is that it refused to accept the offer from Facebook to buy Snapchat out.

Take a look at the infographic to see the full list of companies who are currently ruling the world. To view the list as an interactive page, please head over to The Billion-Dollar Startup Club.

Highest Valuation Startup Companies in The World [INFOGRAPHIC]