The IP address is the address of your computer that can reveal your identity. Every computer has a unique IP address that can be exposed when you connect to a public Wi-Fi connection. Hackers can even connect to your network and fetch all the information from your computer if they get access to your network. Here is how it harms when your IP and location are exposed.

Hackers are cybercriminals who can take out information and data from your computer and misuse it for monetary benefits. Hackers mostly target big businesses, governments, and companies to steal data and cause financial losses. They can monetize their skills and put you in trouble if your IP and location are exposed. Back in the old days, even I was amused by how can someone use my IP address. However, as I researched hacking, I explored the fear facts behind the hacking.

How Can an IP Address Reveal Identity?

As your social security number can reveal a lot about you, your computer’s Internet Protocol addresses (IP addresses) can reveal anything that happens on your computer. Every PC, tablet, smartphone, or device that connects to the internet has an IP address and a user can control the device with the IP address.

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) assigns an IP address to a device when it connects to the internet. If someone gets hold of your IP address, your city, location, zip code, or user details can be compromised. They can access and track your browsing preferences, history, interest, and all details with the IP address.

What Can Someone Do with an IP Address?

There are a lot of reasons people want to know about your IP address. Authorities want your IP address to keep track of illegal activities, while employers want to track your internet usage and productivity. Many advertisers, ISP, or companies like Google want to track your IP address to learn about your browsing interest and push relevant advertisements, products, and services. Hackers can spam your computer and install malware, ask for ransomware or steal data from your computer.

How to Identify If You Are Already Hacked

Not all hackers trouble you all the time. Some hackers hack to steal data and then vanish while others hack your computer to bug you and continuously retrieve data or crash your computer if it is of no use to them. Here are a few symptoms that reveal that you are hacked.

  • Automatic change in system settings and properties
  • Sudden reboot or creepy behavior of apps or mouse pointer
  • System freeze or sluggish performance with delay or unresponsive apps
  • New icons, browser extensions, pop-ups, messages identified in startup items
  • Browser redirection or new suspicious tabs opening automatically
  • New startup programs loading when you boot your PC
  • Missing files or distorted display noticed

Can Someone Use My IP Address?

An IP address is unique to every device and it is randomly generated as you connect to the internet. Nobody can use a different device with the same IP address at a time. Every time you connect to the internet, you will have a different IP address for different devices.

Nobody can have the same IP address of a different device at the same time on the same network. But anyone can use your IP address to get into your device and hunt down your confidential data. Your IP address can reveal your identity. The first thing it exposes is your location and geotag coordinates. It also reveals your online identity and online presence.

How to Prevent Information from IP Address?

Keeping yourself safe and secure from cyberattacks can be easy or tricky depending on your online activity. The best protection against malware and virus attacks can be the Best Antivirus for Windows.

The Best VPN for Windows is the best shield that can hide your identity and makes you go anonymous. Whenever you connect to a public Wi-Fi or a hotspot connection, you can mask your identity. You can access the dark web or any geotag-blocked website with the help of a VPN. You can access the best global offers and access your business portals, and CRM securely with the help of a VPN.

Another best prevention can be to avoid downloading unknown attachments, clicking unknown links, or installing unknown applications. You can also avoid downloading content, movies, and videos from untrusted websites.

Summing Up

This article on how hackers exploit your IP address and reveal data has all the answers if someone can use your IP address or what can someone do with your IP address. Precautions are better than cures! You can make use of the best Antivirus and the best VPN for windows  while connecting to unknown networks. Keep yourself safe and anonymous while performing any confidential activity.

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