Interactivity is one application feature that many businesses, as of the moment, holds dearly. While there are a ton of JavaScript frameworks to choose from, ReactJS is the only one that is used if you need faster and much more complex interactivity in applications.

Whether it is in a web or mobile environment, ReactJS can adapt with its many and overwhelming features that are all present to improve the experience of React developers. In this article, we will look at ReactJS as an asset for business owners aiming to grow or expand.

What Are The Important Features Of ReactJS?

1. Easy to pick up

One of the main reasons for getting ReactJS is because its how easily anyone can learn the framework. It is designed to become straightforward as much as possible, including many features meant to save time for development and even after application publishing.

2. Components can be re-used

React developers may also re-use their components to save more time, which other frameworks lack. All of these are also made while ensuring that the quality of the output is never affected and that it is always in a stable form.

3. It can be updated in a breeze

React developers may also do several updates whenever they like! The development never stops even after an application is published, because, in one way or another, it needs to be updated to have more and improved features.

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Top Advantages of Using ReactJS

If you have ever used the ReactJS library for building user interfaces or UI components, then it won’t be difficult for you to know all the perks of ReactJS. Though, if you are new to this library, then the following are the top advantages of using ReactJS.

1. DOM integration

DOM or Document, Object, Model, is an essential part of development that can be modified to increase an application’s performance. ReactJS unlocks developers’ capabilities to use and take advantage of the DOM that is located on the memory.

2. Access to the Java library

React developers has it easy when it comes to development because of how the Java library behaves. It is also worth noting that it is tremendous compared to others in the market, and it is also one of the easiest to learn and get into. Businesses could benefit from this in terms of time, as ReactJS is built upon JavaScript and HTML Syntax.

3. It has advanced yet more straightforward data compilation

Compiling of data has been one of many developers’ struggles for many years, and good thing, ReactJS is one framework that allows its developers to gain more control over data compiling. It is considered a one-way thing, meaning that it is much easier for development teams to learn and know the changes made on the data structures.

Allowing history display over these compiled data is also relevant for growing enterprises. Much changes and updates are needed when the scale of development changes, and if a business is growing, it is inevitable.

In 2019, ReactJS also had a brand-new feature, React Hooks. It is one that has changed the way developers have dealt with data compilations, allowing them to organize their work much faster and more comfortable without the need of ever rewriting components.

4. Syncs well with search engines

SEO is now a huge deal, and almost any business wants to take advantage of such a fantastic feature. ReactJS even becomes a better choice because of its SEO functionality.

Growing a business means that you need to get in with the flow and be updated with the best route to take that is also being used by many others. SEO is one of those that are already proven to have many benefits and is one thing that businesses should target to grow.

5. Proxy services

The absence of proxy setups can also be remedied by using other proxy services offered by third-party sources, available on the ReactJS environment.

6. Flexible to use

There are several hindrances that other frameworks are imposing, and it may profoundly affect a business that wants to grow. ReactJS, on the other hand, removes all these obstacles and instead allows developers to have more freedom when it comes to their development.

7. Open-source

ReactJS is built upon collaboration, and improvement comes quickly because many other developers may contribute. The ReactJS community is alive and is willing to help anyone that is struggling with using the framework. The jpm or JavaScript package manager is also present, allowing developers to exchange ideas and features in functional blocks.

ReactJS is gearing towards a versatile and improving framework that can be used by many and not just limited for businesses.

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