These are trying times for people in network security. Threats of all types are all around us. Rogue hackers, state-sponsored cyberattacks, corporate espionage are just a few. If something is connected to the internet, chances are that something or someone has tried to gain access to it. If this is true for regular everyday people, imagine what goes on at an enterprise level. The stakes become higher and higher.

 It seems as if sometimes, it can never be stopped. That could very well be true. There will always be a game of cat and mouse between security and criminals. One of the best things that a company can do today, requires multiple levels of authentication. A proper two-factor authentication software can and should work on an enterprise level. Everything that requires sensitive access, should at minimum require it. You may be wondering how two factors can really benefit an organization. I will explain

You can set up a network and file access to require multiple identification checks before access is granted. This is one of the best security practices in the industry. It adds a level of protection that is almost impossible to penetrate. User credentials only, (username and password) are not good enough. Those user names could be obtained or reset in a data breach. If your company is spending a lot of time and money into user credentials being your security, you could be in trouble. Passwords can easily be stolen or shared. This is why proper authentication, requires at least two factors. 

Common second forms would include biometric data, or a code sent to an authorized device. The rise of mobile phones has allowed this to become much easier for a business. Some smart devices can require bio-metric, and access code authentication. This is of course very strong. When you are trying to protect your data, files, and network, nothing can be taken for granted. 

One, Is Not Enough

If your company is not using a minimum of two factors for authentication, the risks are automatically higher. It is best to work with a third party group of experts, to set up and maintain these complex security systems. The investment is not an initial cheap investment, but this is not the time to save money upfront. The amount of money, data, and reputation that can be destroyed in a data attack is unlimited. Imagine the worst-case scenario, double it and then hope that is all that happens.

 Proper data and network security can save millions and the entire company. With the technology expanding and growing in this field, it is becoming easier for companies to adapt. Make sure that the solution is custom-built for your company, can be enterprise-level, and on the cutting edge of AI threat detection. Criminals do not wait for permission to start attacking your network. Set up a proper budget and reach out to the experts. Make sure that your organization is prepared to stop them at the gate.