Do you solely use Pinterest to plan your dream vacation or hunt for delectable-looking baked goods to try, or do you also use it for business? It’s time to consider putting your brand on this visual platform if you haven’t already. Pinterest offers a one-of-a-kind advertising opportunity for businesses of all sizes; as a visual search engine, it’s great for exposing your brand to new potential customers.

Pinterest users or Pinners use this portal mainly to get inspiration! They want to try new things, learn new ideas, attempt new recipes and be inspired to buy something more often than not. So if you think smart you will find a way to connect inspiration with your product or service. 

We will be covering all the Pinterest marketing basics to get you started.

Pinterest Marketing Strategies

These Pinterest marketing ideas may be used by businesses of all sizes and in a variety of sectors. Pinterest’s worldwide marketing approach is one of the reasons it is such a great social media tool.

Sign up for a business account

To market to your target audience, create a Pinterest business account. As previously stated, this accessible account grants you access to Pinterest Analytics, as well as other essential marketing tools such as a profile that identifies you as a business, Pinterest widgets, and a Pinterest tag. If you already have a Pinterest account, you may convert it to a Pinterest business account without sacrificing any of your content or work.

Choose the correct categories for your content.

If you pick the correct category for your Pins and boards to be shared, they will become more searchable for customers looking for information related to your company. Users may utilize Pinterest to browse for specific categories or click on any profile’s “Categories” section to see all content related to the topic they’re looking for. The most popular Pinterest categories are travel, health & wellness, and beauty.

Use Unique Images and Videos

Like other social media networks, Pinterest includes a significant quantity of photos and videos. You’ll want to make sure that your photos and videos not only assist you in marketing your business and selling your products/services but that they also stand out among the others on the site. If you don’t follow your competition, why would a user choose you over them? Pictures in general are very appealing to any social media audience, make the most of it.  

Leverage Keywords

If you utilize keywords throughout your profile, posts, Pins, and boards, you’ll be more likely to appear organically in people’ feeds and searches. The keywords and phrases used on Pinterest are related to the topics that people are searching for.

You may include terms and phrases like “vacation” and “going on a trip” in your profile and Pins if you sell baggage, for example. Your profile and photos of your bags will appear in someone’s newsfeed when they search for one of those terms.

If you opt to pay for Pinterest ads, you can also use the platform’s keyword targeting tool to ensure that your ads reach your desired audience.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags, which are terms and phrases preceded by the “#” symbol, is another excellent way to market to and reach your target audience automatically. Hashtags work the same way they do on most other social media sites (such as Instagram), and they make your content more searchable when used correctly.

Hashtags are used on Pinterest to help users locate Pins and boards related to a specific topic. Users are sent to a website where they may see all of the material tagged with that hashtag that has ever been published to the site when they click on a hashtag you place on a Pin. Use hashtags in your Pins, boards, and sponsored content to get the most exposure possible (if applicable). 

Share your content on other social networks.

Post your Pins, photos, and videos in other places to promote your Pinterest account and content to boost your chances of being discovered and followed. Furthermore, by claiming your account, you will have access to analytics and data on all of these Pins, allowing you to see which social networks your audience is interested in.

You can also link your Pinterest account to your Facebook and Google accounts to make it easier to find and add friends, share content across networks, and back up your profile if you lose or forget your password credentials.

Follow, engage and interact with other accounts.

By following and connecting with other Pinterest users and their accounts, you may begin and establish personal connections with them. This type of connection may create a sense of loyalty among your followers, encouraging them to return to your profile for inspiration, ideas, and product purchases. 

Use Social Media Best Practices

On Pinterest, use the same social media best practices as you would on other social media sites. Remember to converse and engage with your followers, post to (and update) your account frequently, and to avoid evident self-promotion that your audience perceives as forced. The common denominator between all social media channels is it’s audience. We all use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other apps, so even for Pinterest the idea is to engage the users but on this app in a more visual format. 

Analyze your Results

If you’re investing so much time and money in Pinterest marketing, it’s only natural that you’d want to make sure your efforts boost conversions and brand awareness. As a result, you’ll need to evaluate the results of your Pinterest marketing efforts to keep track of your referral traffic, the quantity of interaction leads generated, and anything else you’re interested in learning more about. The simplest way to do this is to use Pinterest Analytics. These analytics have become quite detailed now, and you can figure out exactly what is working and what isn’t. 


Even though Pinterest is a very visual platform, these days all kinds of content is being promoted on Pinterest. For example you have a blog where you put a lot of value adding content for your users. You can create a visually enticing image for a specific article, and just interlink the article into the image. So when users click on it, they can read the entire article through that link. 

Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool that can help you establish long-term relationships with your target audience and buyer profiles while improving brand awareness, conversions, and sales. Following the Pinterest marketing tactics we mentioned and utilizing the numerous tools and resources available to help you thrive as a business on the platform can help you achieve your firm’s objectives. This is your sign to go create a Pinterest business account right now and start posting unique and intriguing content to promote to your clients and followers. Best of luck! 

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