Uber is a business role-model many entrepreneurs try to recreate. The technical information, marketing and key points, which you should be looking at to achieve, are covered in this article.

How Uber Works?

First, Uber offers a solution to a general problem affecting millions. The start-up broke the monopoly on taxi and reinvented private transport. Furthermore, Uber offers great advantages for both drivers and passengers. Uber is a free iOS and Android smartphone application that links a passenger and a driver 24/7. Uber is an intermediary since it doesn’t own cars but has a secure win-win partnership. Google Maps is used by the mobile app to display the place and time of the car arrival that is nearest to you. For a driver to agree or to reject it, any request is accessible. Passengers can evaluate driver details and monitor the process in real-time. Passengers can always be informed by a text message or a call. The user will be notified when the vehicle arrives (usually in a few minutes). When the trip is finished, the application charges a user card – no money or change needed.

Five key steps are covered by the software: 1. Call a car 2. Money deposit 3. Driver search 4. Charges when the ride is over 5. Get feedback on the driver.

You must always fully comprehend that it is necessary to create two separate applications linked to the management panel to build an application similar to Uber. Every part of the system has different functionalities, characteristics, and demands.

Customer App Features

Uber’s ability to give its customers a wide range of cars at all times and satisfy their demand in 10 min is the secret to product success. High-quality service is provided to customers: price rates are given in advance, cost estimating is extremely useful and drivers, distance, and route are available for monitoring. Pricing is simple and users of all ages can apple the app.

MVP booking interface is the key characteristics for the development:

  • Sign up / Sign in.
  • Data processing.
  • Calculation of prices.
  • Route and GPS.
  • Monitoring a ride.
  • Payments and Transactions.
  • Messages and Notifications.
  • Assessment & Feedback.

Features of newer releases can be enhanced to incorporate:

  • Ride history.
  • Favorite directions.
  • Schedule ride.
  • Split payment.
  • Promotions, special offers, promo codes.
  • Panic button.
  • Waitlist. Calling a car for another person.
  • Those characteristics enable you to begin a startup efficiently and effectively.

Driver App ‘s key characteristics

navigation app

The basic characteristics you’ll find useful to make a mobile app for drivers are:

  • Register/profile of drivers.
  • “Online/offline” status.
  • Booking notification.
  • Payment data connectivity.
  • Push notification.
  • Navigation and route optimization.
  • Weekly or monthly reports.
  • Messaging.
  • Passenger rating.
  • Support service.

After a test launch, the driver app can be enhanced with the above characteristics.

The Admin Application

An essential part of the system is the admin app. It should have a user-friendly overview and access to data on all business processes, saving user and reservation data.

The functionality of the app’s administration panel is as follows:

  • General data monitoring.
  • Management.
  • Tariff setting, special discounts and offers, software updates, assessment, and feedback.
  • Support. Getting clients’ requests, dealing with problems, feedback system.
  • Billing. In the occasion of conflicts or mistakes, mangers withdraw and pay the money back.
  • Data bank.
  • Analysis.

How to get this app started?

In the world of start-ups and entrepreneurship, there is another corporate culture named Uber for X. Each section represents numerous options for the Uber business model to solve various daily problems outside the cab. Nearly every niche has an “immediate success” potential, so there are countless opportunities to explore, especially as Uber has opened its API. The creators of this revolutionary app show no signs of stopping. UberEats is proof. Today, UberEats is one of the fastest-growing food deliveries in the US.

Delivery app

The diversification strategy not only gives the company economic advantages but also creates an airbag for cases of force majeure like the novel coronavirus. Uber’s business model has been tested and has the advantages it can apply to mobile development of apps for industries such as beauty, medical care, food chain, laundry, lease, and so on. The so-called “instant screen-to-screen.”

You should not battle major players in this situation. So even though the transport sector is ready to revolutionize, there are sectors in which Uber is understated. The aim is to overcome a problem and consider the competition you are trying to win. Healthcare app You want to take into account usability and appearance, specifically UX / UI, in addition to functional attributes when launching a new app. Even the most innovative launches are nowadays not user-friendly. Please note that when coordinating the team you should involve the designers.

 What’s the biggest challenge people around you often face? What will help to solve it? How can you reshape them? Why should people use your product or service? You can broaden a once-limited market and find an absolutely convincing reason for creating your own application by making complex and costly items easier to reach.

How to create a program that operates like Uber?

Idea for app

You can create an app by using the following elements:

  • The coding of an app.
  • Web design.
  • Specific OS development (Android/iOS).
  • Designing.
  • Administration and quality guarantee.

Breaking projects into milestones for a production team is an essential benefit.

This way, you can speed up the transition from MVP to MMP, and introduce new features quicker.

The application can also be checked at any point:

  • Smoke testing.
  • Functionality test.
  • User-interface testing.
  • Performance testing.
  • Usability test.
  • App design Traditional Technologies.
  • Routing and geopositioning.

You should have a mapping database to develop a route and calculate the distance. We offer the Google CoreLocation App for iOS and Geolocation API for Android. MapKit makes mapping and navigation possible for iOS. Use Google Maps Android API for Android.

Integration of Payment Gateway.

It is essential to ensure financial data security for customers when it comes to payment gateway integration. You need a PCI-compliant cashless transfer system. You’ll need a certification only if you’re planning to store and process credit card data. Payment gateway providers like Braintree and Stripe are PCI-compliant, which makes integration much easier.

Notifications and Messaging

GCM allows Android to push notifications, and Apple Push allows iOS notifications. Twilio enables messages. Alternatively, other cloud communication platforms can be used.

How can I make a profit from an Uber-similar app? Premium subscription, alliances with other businesses, driver fees, cancellation charges, and special offers are the most common sources of revenue. Sources of income will be addressed before the app is launched.

We recommend you take the steps outlined in the article if you want to make your dreams come true. You are definitely going to avoid competition and hit a milestone with a special offer. Let us note that a well-developed team is a key to success, so let professionals build your mobile app.