What’s a sleep phase alarm clock, anyway? Now there is a new generation of alarm clocks, designed to continuously monitor the sleep period of its owner. They are presented in the following forms:

• Individual stationary alarm clocks.
• Smartphone apps.
• Built-in fitness bands.

Our dreams are not monotonous and include several phases. The hardest part is when the continuous alarm clock wakes a person up in deep sleep. Many people are familiar with the feeling as if you were pulled out of a serene state of sleep, as a result, you feel completely broken and depressed all day long.

If we wake up during REM sleep, it gives us a charge of energy and a great mood for the whole day. Naturally, it is impossible to guess the right moment to wake up with an ordinary alarm clock. So, in this case, these sleep tracking devices help with the transition from sleep to awake, and it all goes much easier.

Sleep phase alarm clock features and purpose

During sleep, non-REM and REM sleep alternate. In the morning, the non-REM sleep gradually ends, and the person begins to turn around more and more often and wakes up naturally. But this mostly happens on weekends, when the alarm clock is off and there is no need to rush somewhere. In all other cases, it is better to use such a device. This is because waking up during an inappropriate sleep phase can cause the following unpleasant feelings:

• If sleep is interrupted in the non-REM sleep, lack of energy and depression will be felt all day long;
• Waking up during the mild phase is undesirable, and can be accompanied by unpleasant feelings as well;
• If you wake up right at the time of dreaming, it increases the level of irritability significantly.

Thus, a sleep phase alarm clock wakes you up during the most proper REM sleep, making it easier to wake up.

Stationary sleep phase alarm clocks


Based on research, thehomedweller.com clocks article shows that the most popular alarm clocks in this category come from aXbo. Inside this device, there is a processor. The set includes a soft, pleasant to the touch wristband which you put on your hand before going to bed. This allows the device to read your heart rate, as well as to feel and track the right sleep phases. Works from the grid.

The main advantages are:

• Comfortable to use. It is enough to put on the band with a built-in sensor and go to bed. If it was a very busy day and you can’t fall asleep, you can turn on pleasant sounds of nature. The melody will stop playing automatically when you fall asleep;
• This alarm clock also remembers the intensity of your movements, taking the signals from the sensor. Then these data can be downloaded to your PC and you can check the sleep schedule;
• You can set the time you want to wake up the latest, and the device will sound an alert signal within half an hour of the appointed time, taking into account the most appropriate moment;
• The device can be used for two. Each of the users can set their own melody.

As a result, you get a good night’s sleep, waking up during the most proper sleep phase. These alarm clocks choose the best sound signaling time for you.

The basic band features with smart alarm clock functions

These types of bands are charged with an integrated battery. One of the important features is syncing with your smartphone. It supports iPhone 4s communication devices and other similar models. To implement all the functions of the device, it will require a special app that provides data transfer to the smartphone.

The gadget accompanies its owner in task execution. At any time, data is provided on how much has already been done and tips on the upcoming business. The device will remind you of the time of training or eating, prompt you to take a walk if you sit at work for too long.

But the most important feature of the band is a smart alarm clock which allows you to set the wake-up time in a certain range. Then you can just put the band on your hand and go to bed. The gadget will wake you up with vibration during REM sleep. Thus, you wake up in a great mood and well rested. If you like to “sleep a little bit more in the morning”, you have the opportunity to double the call. For those who have forgotten to take off their bracelets and go straight to the shower, there is no reason to worry. These devices are waterproof.

Smartphone apps

App-like Experience

This option is the most budgetary. The operation principle is quite simple: the smartphone, with built-in sensors, e.g. accelerometer and microphone, reads the necessary data. These include how often you move during sleep, what kind of breath you have (deep, intermittent), etc. All of that allows determining what phase of sleep you are in. As already mentioned, the best time to wake up is the moment of the fast phase. The main disadvantage is the need to place the smartphone right next to the pillow or even under the sheet. Otherwise, there is a risk of accidentally dropping your smartphone from a bed or drawer. Among the most popular apps are:

Sleep Cycle

It can be a reliable helper, providing comprehensive statistics with a detailed breakdown by days, weeks, and even months, on how well you slept. As a result, by looking at the graph, you can draw appropriate inferences about the presence/absence of sleep issues.


Your personal “smart” pillow. The app tracks your sleep with the help of a microphone and accelerometer, taking into account aspects like the intensity of your movements during sleep or the depth of your breathing. A big advantage is the gradually increasing melody of the alarm clock. It is enough to touch the screen, and the sound will gradually fade and then disappear. But after a while, the signal will sound again to prevent you from oversleeping.

Smart Alarm Clock

It works almost the same as previous apps. In addition, you can choose which phase to wake up in. If you are a fan of extreme sensations, a smart alarm clock will wake you up in a deep sleep. But still, the best option is to choose waking up time during REM sleep. The app also memorizes statistics on sleep cycles, so you can see the corresponding graph. For a more comfortable sleep, you can choose the right music for yourself. Weather reports are also available.

Sleep Time

For the proper operation of this app, you need to face the screen of your smartphone down, putting it next to the pillow. Thus, the movements of a person will be read, and a sleep phase determined.


That’s not an actual app in fact but a small social network that stands out from the others. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that you are awakened not by an electronic gadget but a real living person! To try it, you need to register on the website and download the Wakie Voice Chat app, set the right time, and go to bed. And then one of the registered users will wake you up. It’s all anonymous unlike most of the other social networks, but you can find a real friend there or help someone to wake up. The calls for both parties are free, except when the user is in the roaming zone.

WakeUp OrDie! Alarm Clock


This app has received mainly negative feedback from users. The drawbacks include the fact that the alarm does not stop for a second. This is the main difference from other smart alarm clocks with sleep phases which are quiet for some time. As a result, there is no smooth transition to the state of waking up which is contrary to the basic principles of such devices.

These smart alarms are addressed to people who lead an active lifestyle and want to make their sleep as full and comfortable as possible. As a result, you wake up in a good mood, after having a good rest.