5 Things to Consider When Looking for a Marketing Mentor

I can understand that you might need a mentor to boost your online presence, it’s definitely a quick way of learning things without having to stumble across the usual traps along the path. A mentor will have enough experience to know which way to go about things.

Anyone, with half-decent experience can become a mentor. Finding one isn’t hard either, I recommend to look on internet marketing forums – don’t get scared away by the volume of people who might be willing to help you, as I am going to guide you through a couple of things to consider before hiring a marketing mentor.



You should start by asking the “mentor” for his portfolio. There you should be able to find a list of the mentors education background and his experience in the marketing field. It’s important that you know in which specific fields the mentor has got experience in.

It’s a wiser choice to take someone who knows about selling fish, when you yourself need help with selling fish. Instead of taking a WordPress marketer to sell your suits for you. I hope it makes sense. Look for any signs that show the professionalism of the person, avoid people who give you their social networks as a portfolio.

Professional enough mentor will have a background page.


RecommendationsThe next step is to look for recommendations that are going to back-up the original experience statements you will find in the portfolio. If you are truly serious about getting a mentor, I would personally go as far as getting in touch with the people who have recommended the person. Ask them about the quality of service, and how professional things were.

It’s very hard not to hate yourself after you have chosen someone, without making a full background check on him first. Nobody is going to take you seriously, if you plan on complaining afterwards.

Price of Service

I could mentor you on how to create WordPress websites. My asking price is $5,000. Would you pay me? I think not. That is an incredibly unreasonable price for something so easy to learn and master. In any case, you could easily learn WordPress from video courses, which would cost you maybe $50 and a few days to go through.

Before you find a mentor, know what you really want to learn and what exactly you need help with. Then make sure that the information is not already available freely online. Paying thousands to someone for things that are freely available out there is not a wise idea. You might as well consider it paying someone to talk with you for $5,000.

Average Delivery Time

If all of the above check out, great. The last step is to find out how long is the whole mentoring thing gonna take. Few days, weeks, not months no? I hope not. You should too.

Average Delivery TimeQuestion your mentor about every single detail, so you know that you are going to be getting your moneys worth. In fact, don’t plan on paying the full amount up-front. Pay it gradually, as you learn new things. Make the initial investment, but wait until you are progressing. You will want to know the quality of progress before making any more payments.

In this world, anyone can become a mentor, only the quality can be either super-good or super-sh*t.

Do You Really Need a Marketing Mentor?

Do you?

Like I gave the example above. If you want to learn basic things like WordPress and how-to create a WordPress post, you do not need a mentor. It’s crazy to think that you would. A basic text tutorial will take less than an hour to learn all of the functionality of the admin dashboard.

Do You Really Need a Marketing MentorWhen you look for a mentor, the first thing you need to go over is your own strategy and your own needs. Analyze the pieces and bits and put them together, to make a map of what you would like to learn with the mentors help. Most of them time you are going to learn the basic package, as the mentor takes you through the marketing baby steps.

You will learn how to create blogs that convert, and email lists that make you sales. You will see it through your own eyes, so the next time you do it – it’s just as successful. He won’t give you some magical secrets, it will all be standard stuff that you can learn yourself as you go.

I prefer my own experience, over having to pay someone for it.