Gaining Instagram followers can seem like a slow process for some, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is important that one understands what the point of their Instagram is and how they wish to be conceived on their social media. 

If you are using Instagram for fun, your platform will grow as you meet new people or get involved with new hobbies. If your Instagram is for business, there are other ways that you can tap into the audiences that you are looking for quite easily. 

Creating Interesting Content

No matter the focus of your Instagram, creating interesting content is key to gaining more followers. If you post engaging, imaginative pictures or thoughtful captions that insight conversation, it is very likely that your page will grow. Gaining followers ultimately comes down to creating a niche and uploading content to match that niche, thus keeping your following engaged. 

It is those accounts that spend time planning their posts, uploading interesting content, and challenging their audience that reaps the most rewards. It may be useful to create storyboards, purchase a posting management application to help you schedule posts, or communicate with your audience to better target them. This in turn will increase your social media following on Instagram.

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Use Instagram Stories

Browsing someone’s Instagram page can get monotonous; this is because it is a very safe place for posting up pictures and content. Most users play it safe and upload content that matches their overall style or vibe, without stepping outside their comfort zones. Instagram stories are not so fixed; they last for 24 hours and can give their users a chance to better interact with their followers on a personal level. 

The use of stories to boost engagement has been shown time and time again. Now Instagram offers its users the chance to use their stories to host opinion polls, funny videos, or other tools that can offer better interaction between the user and their following. These stories are also widely shared and easy to watch due to their short time limits. For instance, if an account were to host a story chat show each week their profile would receive more traffic, which would naturally boost their following. 

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Co-creation is Key

Co-creation is a term used by which Instagram accounts collaborate with other accounts to host talks, giveaways, or other special offers for their followings. A lot of Insta-famous people partake in these, or promote them; this allows them to increase their following and all the brands involved to as well. This is seen as a win for all involved and the users that engage with the offers, as they have a chance at winning or being involved with something special. 

Co-creation or collaborations have been used in marketing for years, they are a brilliant way to inform and spark interest in new users. This same rationale can be used on Instagram; it will ultimately result in all parties gaining a following as they are intrigued by the initial offer and hope to be informed of any others that they can possibly win. 

Using a Growth App

Although Instagram algorithms are getting very good at detecting fake accounts or bots used to boost followings, they should not entirely be disbanded. Some applications offer their users the chance to naturally grow, with a little push or by connecting like-minded users to your page. 

Organic growth is always key, it makes your page more believable and trustworthy. However, some applications have the ability to slowly increase your following without impacting your accounts’ meritocracy. 

Please do your research before spending any money on these apps, it is important that you try to dodge the obvious fake follower ones and spend your money cultivating followers that will engage with your content for longevity by using an app like Growthoid.

Pay for Instagram Ads

If you can’t beat them, join them. Spending money on the application you hope to increase your following in is the best way to ultimately achieve this goal. Instagram has adapted its offerings to allow you to pay for targeted ads to increase your exposure to a wider audience online. 

This is definitely targeted towards businesses over personal accounts. Nevertheless, there is no reason why you cannot invest in yourself if you believe this is the best way for growth. Instagram will walk you through its services and you can choose the best options that are right for you. 

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Closing Thoughts

Gaining social media following comes down to you and your abilities to engage your audience. It is determined by what you are offering them, how you express yourself, and your own personal goals. 

Many bloggers or online-based celebrities have gained their recognition through years of graft and communication with a dedicated fan base. Others have experienced a quick rise to fame due to their niche offerings. Choose your focus and work on this until it is your niche and passion. That way you will be able to always offer your fans exactly what they want and keep a high following. 

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