If you enjoy streaming and listening to online radio, the chances are that you will want to record the audio and listen to it in the future and offline. Moreover, most radio stations broadcast their programs online.

Unfortunately, recording streaming radio can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools. Most streaming websites have security measures that make it difficult to record and save audio. Here is how to record and save streaming audio.

Using Your Computer’s Soundcard

Yes, it is possible to record streaming radio using your computer’s soundcard. Generally, you can record anything that you hear the speakers play. Several programs make this possible. This method is more straightforward compared to recording the audio directly from a website.

Whether you can record streaming audio or not will depend on your soundcard. If your soundcard isn’t capable of recording computer playback, you can use a loopback cable. When trying to record streaming audio, remember that you could be violating copyright laws. It is why most manufacturers make it difficult to record streaming audio by removing the above functionality.

Using Programs and Software

you can use programs to record streaming audio. To record your audio successfully, you have to find the right program and learn how to use it to record streaming audio. Here are programs and software that you can use to record and save streaming audio.


It is arguably the best software that you can use to record and save streaming radio. You can compare it to a DVR, but for online radio. The software uSave.it stores your recorded audio stream in the cloud. Therefore, you can listen to your favorite radio program later, from anywhere and as many times as you wish.

You can also set the specific time you want to record audio. The software will start recording the audio automatically. As a result, you will never miss your favorite radio program.

To use uSave.it, ensure that you know your preferred radio station’s name or link. Depending on your subscription, you can remove segments such as adverts using the provided editing tools. Your subscription will also determine how long you can record streaming audio. The software allows you to share your recorded audio with others.

VLC Media Player

Apart from converting file formats and playing audio, the VLC media player can also record and save streaming audio. Here is how to record streaming audio using the VLC media player:

  • Open VLC
  • Click media
  • Click open network stream
  • Input link on the dialog box
  • There is an arrow next to the play button; click it, and select the stream
  • Choose the destination of the recording
  • Uncheck active transcoding


Audacity is also ideal for recording streaming audio. It is capable of recording any sound you play on your computer. For this program to work successfully, you will have to change the recording settings and ensure that your soundcard can support playback. Unfortunately, audacity cannot record audio to MP3.

Smart Recorder

Smart recorder makes it possible to record streaming audio android device. It records high-quality audio and has a simple user interface. You can change the quality of the audio and specify the destination folder. Moreover, you can remove silent segments.

It is easy to use. Open the application and click the red button. You can pause and resume the recording.

Voice Memo

If you are using an iPhone, you should consider using the voice memo app to record streaming audio. The app allows you to edit the recording to remove unwanted segments.

Recording streaming audios doesn’t have to be challenging. When you use the right tools or programs, you can record and listen to your favorite internet radio anywhere and anytime.

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