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I’m pretty sure that web development is currently one of the hottest and well paid jobs in the world right now. You only need to look at the sites powered by Django once, to realize how this amazing framework can scale for large companies and platforms that millions of users use every day.

You could work within minimal Python frameworks, which frankly provide great usability options and solve a lot of problems for smaller projects, but Django is a full-scale web framework that can be used to build enterprise style applications, and if you happen to be someone who knows his way around Django development – you can earn quite a bit of money.

Django Developer Salary 2014

source: 2014

The average Django developer salary in 2014 is $91,000 – which is far more than a lot of other positions in the market can currently offer. I’ve included in the snapshot above, a couple of more job titles that relate to Django development, and what their average salary is in the current market. If you know Python, it might be worth considering to learn Django and go work for a big company like Pinterest, or Instagram.

This post however, is aimed at people who know their Django and are looking to find legitimate jobs through websites that offer Django development listings. I’ve tried to weed out the crappy ones, and keep a list of reliable and trusted job provider websites and directories that should increase your chances of finding the right employer.

We all know how spoiled we – programmers – are. I’m most likely to miss a website or two as I go, and so I invite you to drop a comment in the comment section below, and let me know where you head out to when you’re looking for a new job. I’ll be more than happy to add your link to the list.


Django Developer Jobs - New York, NY -
Indeed has been around since the very early days of the web, and it continues to deliver an incredibly good service to those who’re looking for job opportunities. The sophisticated platform can help you get in touch with industry leading employers who can make the dream job happen to you quickly and easily. Job Search

You can easily look up jobs from your area, or a preferable distance that you’d be okay with. You can look for jobs with a specific pay, or even a specific job type. The word ‘developer’ can usually stretch in many ways, and so it’s important you know what you really want. Indeed makes it easy to find the right jobs.

You can also search by companies, locations and job types. It’s all there, and you’re usually going to be redirected to the companies website in order to fill out the forms, which will make it easier to learn about the specific employer and even see their work.

2. Djangogigs

This is a premium job listing site that requires for employers to submit a payment before their listing goes live, which makes it that much more appealing to developers who want to find great development jobs. You can signup as a developer, or you can just browse the job offerings and see what you like and then try and contact the employer directly.

The frequency of jobs being posted is not very consistent, on average there are 10-20 new jobs posted every month, but they’re high quality and will help you land an office job without any problem. I’m looking for reviews on this one!

3. Stack Overflow Careers 2.0

Django Job Listings - Stack Overflow Careers 2.0
Stack Overflow has it’s own job board, and you can usually find some pretty decent work there, taking into consideration that it is a professional community and most of the jobs submitted can always be traced back if something does happen to go wrong. (very unlikely)

Careers 2.0

The profile creation platform is currently invite only, you need to have either a Stack Overflow, GitHub or CodePlex account in order to signup and have your account scanned, to see if it qualifies for the program. This means you should have an active and proven account on either of those sites in order to open a job application account on Careers 2.0.

It’s a tough one, but it will give you some amazing opportunities for Django development jobs that you won’t want to miss.

4. Django Jobs

Django Jobs - Post Django Development Jobs for Python Developers
This is another premium jobs board that allows to post new job invitations only by those who’re willing to spend $20 for a 30-day listing. It’s a fair price to pay, considering the site is very populated and also very active on social media, which accounts for a lot of the good jobs getting snagged up pretty quickly.

It’s a very active board, and there is pretty much 1-3 new jobs being added every day. I’d definitely bookmark this site if you’re looking for variety of jobs, in different industries and countries. There is a premium listing service option available for corporate companies, looking to get the word out to even more people.

5. r/forhire (Reddit)

redditors for hire
This list has been mostly about finding full-time (part-time) jobs for companies that in one way or another would mean office work, with allocated hours per week and a set salary. I wanted to throw in the ‘forhire’ subreddit because I think it can offer some work opportunities for Django developers who’re looking to work on project to project basis from home and such.

It’s not strictly dedicated to developers, but you are guaranteed to find work if you ask for it, and there is occasionally someone advertising for job openings as well. You can expect high quality from this job board.

Django Development Jobs

I think I covered most of the job boards that are currently serving purpose for many Django developers. It can be difficult to find the right client, or the right job.

The last method would be simple word of mouth, like going to IRC networks and advertising there and can always try local advertising and perhaps you can find something local to work with. I know it can be difficult to take the first step, but that is usually all you have to do..

Have fun, and don’t forget to mention who helped you find your next job! :)