Knowtify - Daily Email Digest to Drive User Engagement

Knowtify started as a simple idea born from a very specific problem each of us faced while building other apps. The need to build custom infrastructure every time we wanted to send digest emails seemed like a complete waste of development time and energy. At the same time, the inability for the customer success or marketing teams to create, edit, & optimize these digest emails over time was an enormous lost opportunity. This was the problem we set out to solve.

Knowtify wants to take off some load from developers and engineers, by offering them a platform for sending email to their user-base from one single and compact SaaS platform. You can integrate your application or product within Knowtify and start creating either daily, weekly or monthly email digests that you’d like to send out.

It’s currently in a beta stage, but it is coming out this month and there are going to be invites and signups available for people to start trying out the platform. You’ll be given the ability to send emails to all of the users at once, or create personalized ones based on the data that your application holds. This is what makes Knowtify so special, and there are going to be free plans available!

Knowtify Pricing

You can set custom dates and times when to send emails, and who to send them to. Creating beautiful emails is easy as the platform comes integrated with a custom templating system that is both modern, appealing and easy to use – even for the most average of tech person.

It will also be possible to track the emails in future, have specific analytical reports and other engagement tools to help you understand your campaigns better. All in all, a great idea and I can’t wait for the beta to roll around, want to see some reviews already!