I used to be a WordPress theme junkie. I had to try every new theme out there, I wanted to see what developers are doing in order to produce such high-quality work. It seemed natural to have this interest, and back then – I’d spent a lot of time compiling together posts of my favorite themes, something I never really do no more.

MH Themes came to me as a surprise, I got to discover their directory of themes – all three are great! – by searching for some new designs to try on my side projects, and it occurred to me that the MH Magazine theme is something that I’d settle for myself. It’s clutter-less, but has enough elements on the page for everything to seem natural.

I’ve uploaded a theme preview of my favorite design of MH Magazine theme, I think it’s really great and there is plenty of room for improvement, additional modifications, but the base itself is wonderful.

MH Themes is specialized in developing feature rich Premium Magazine WordPress Themes which are suitable for News Websites, Online Magazines and other editorial Projects.

As of right now, MH Themes has a catalog of three themes, and all three has a style that’s related to magazine and news blogs. It doesn’t surprise me that all of the themes built by these guys come equipped with the latest standards in HTML5, CSS3 and even PHP. It’s truly refreshing to see developers do everything they can to provide valid code.

MH Magazine

MH Magazine is going to be the perfect theme for anyone who needs a professional looking theme for an online magazine, news website, article directory or any other project related to mass production of content. You can easily customize this theme to appeal to the likes of travel, lifestyle, news and many other types of sites.

MH Purity

MH Purity was built for those who’re looking to add some more style to their blogging career, just like with MH Magazine, this theme is also suited for all types of magazine and news websites. It has built-in support for things like SEO, and custom widgets. You can also style the theme to your own liking by using the theme options panel.

MH Corporate

MH Corporate has a very distinctive, minimal feel to it. It’s built purposefully for corporate and business websites that need to emphasize their brand slogan, and strategy. Use this flexible business WordPress theme to promote your products and services or to run a professional corporate blog with news regarding your business.

Themes for WordPress by MH Themes

It all sounds great, doesn’t it. Well, all the themes built by MH Themes share similar traits and latest technology involvement, so you don’t need to worry about things like mobile design (as it comes built-in by default), or the ability to choose your own colors; that is also part of the theme package.

But, as always, the thing that stands out for professional and premium themes is the quality of support. Great support is what makes a product sell, and MH Themes has got that taken care of.