In business, it’s all about appearance. The bigger the business, the more people want to associate with them. The reason is psychological, as larger entities seem more robust and capable of handling their customer’s needs. Of course, anyone who has ever visited a business in-person, only to realize that your initial perceptions (i.e. large staff, spacious office complexes) were not as imagined, can attest to the fact that yes, it’s all about appearances. Therefore, let’s take a look at some ways you can make your business look bigger as you grow.

Be a Well, Not a Fountain

In some regards, less is more. A fountain freely gives water. A well, on the other hand, does the same — but you have to work for it.
While you want your business to accurately represent itself to the public arena, there is a difference between painting your business as a bootstrapped one-man show vs. an amorphous entity that can serve its customers and clients with the most efficient methods — not superfluous elements of the past.

Some ways that you can do to make your business look bigger is::

  • Use virtual phone numbers as part of a virtual office
  • List only the most crucial details of your business
  • Use professional copywriters to give your websites and social media presence a professional sheen
  • Avoid specifics in terms of numbers of employees, office space, or the business’ actual location

Go In Person

In this day and age of easy communication, where remote employees may never even meet face-to-face despite mission-critical business interactions, it makes a big statement to actually meet the staff that you interact with. Even if you’re a sole proprietor of your business, a physical meeting shows that your business has the resources to bridge the digital divide. While you may have to shell out for travel and entertainment expenses, remember that $250 for a day-trip to New York shows that you have money to spare — which is an indicator of being larger and more successful in the marketplace.

Of course, it may come up some time in conversation about specific details during a meeting with your clients and VIPs; if so, do be obliged to be truthful. In fact, a business that states the truth establishes a transparent rapport, which is priceless.

Get Credibility with Virtual Phone Numbers

The barriers to entry have been significantly reduced in recent years in nearly every industry, thanks in large part to the equalizing of the playing field with the internet. By using cloud computing — part of the newest revolution of telecommunications (and beyond) — it has never been easier to gain a foothold in new markets without the need for a brick-and-mortar location (once a make-it-or-break-it necessity) to expand your business’ presence.

The simplest solution to increase your business’s appearance is by using virtual phone numbers, which we’ll illustrate in the following example:

Suppose a phone call is made to a German virtual number on your company’s website by a person living in Berlin. The call is then instantly routed to your company’s call center in Miami, where a customer service rep can process the call. The advantage of virtual phone numbers is that they are identical to a German phone number the caller is used to. This creates local authenticity but instantly connects you to a market in a new country as well. Similarly, the caller isn’t going to be charged a long-distance charge.
The key difference is that in today’s modern economy, there is no need for any unnecessary physical interaction, especially when most services can be handled through efficient means like automation, the hiring of remote employees, subcontractors, and so forth.

Compare this to establishing a brick and mortar presence, where your business may have to wait years before it can afford to lease property, file appropriate documents to get government clearance, hire staff — all before you even set up shop. Therefore, virtual phone numbers are the easiest and most cost-effective way to “fake it till you make” as you make your business appear larger.