With Data Science a consistently growing field, it is vital that developers keep in touch with the different updates that are happening on a daily basis. However, it is very difficult to constantly stay on top of everything that happens in the world of technology. That is the reason we have cheat sheets. Moreover, there are a plenty of cheat sheets accessible out there, but picking the correct one is an intense task. In this article, we have chosen cheat sheets on the following criteria: Scale, Content and Accuracy.

After going through and applying all the filters we have examined following cheat sheets on machine learning, data science, SQL and Big Data. For your benefit, in this article we have isolated the cheat sheets independently for each of the above topics. Read on to know which cheat sheet to use for a specific topic.

• Machine learning Cheat Sheet

1)  Scikit Learn algorithm Cheat sheet
This cheat sheet is built by the official creators of scikit-learn. Numerous individuals confront the issue of picking a specific machine learning algorithm for various data types and problems. With the assistance of this cheat sheet, you have the complete flow for taking care of a machine learning issue.

2) Algorithm Cheat Sheet:  Microsoft Azure Machine Learning
This cheat sheet encourages you to pick the best Azure Machine Learning Studio algorithm for your predictive analytic solution. Created by Microsoft Azure group itself cheat sheet gives you a clear description according to the idea of the data.

3) Python & R codes for common Machine Learning Algorithms – Cheat sheet
Python & R codes
In this cheat sheet, you will get codes in Python and R for different regularly utilized machine learning algorithms. The algorithms included are Linear regression, logistics regression, decision tree, SVM, Naive Bayes, KNN, K-means, random forest and few others.

• Big Data Cheat Sheet

1) Hive Function Cheat Sheet
Hive Function Cheat Sheet 
In this cheat sheet, you will get access to commands for Hive functions. It gives cheat codes to data functions, scientific or mathematical function, string function, worked in aggregate function, worked in table creating function, contingent capacity and functions for content analytic.

2) Apache Spark Cheat Sheet
Apache Spark Cheat Sheet
Here is a cheat sheet for Apache Spark for different functions like transformation, activities, persistence strategies, extra additional transformation, expanded RDD, streaming change, RDD diligence, and so on.

3) Hadoop Cheat Sheet
hadoop Cheat Sheet
It is rightly said that Hadoop has an immense ecosystem and incorporates different activities. Find out about the different administrators, how they work and what task they are in charge of. The cheat sheet has been separated into a particular general function like distributed system, processing data, getting information in/out and organization.

• SQL & MySQL Cheat Sheets

1) SQL Cheat Sheet
SQL Cheat Sheet
In this cheat sheet, you will figure out how to perform fundamental activities in SQL. Get work for inserting data, updating data, erasing data, grouping data, and so on. In the event that you have begun utilizing SQL then, this the best reference guide.

2) MySQL AND SQL Cheat Sheet
MySQL AND SQL Cheat Sheet
In this cheat sheet, you will discover regularly used MySQL and SQL commands. Get cheat codes for MySQL mathematical function, MySQL string function, essential MySQL commands. You will likewise discover SQL commands for changing and querying.

• Data Science Cheat Sheets for Python

1) Python explanatory Data Analysis
Python explanatory Data Analysis
This is your best asset to perform data exploration in Python utilizing NumPy, Pandas and Matplotlib. With this cheat sheet you will figure out how to stack documents in python, convert variables, sort information, create plots, create sample datasets, treat missing values and much more. It is one of the streamlined cheat sheet on data exploration.

2) Data Visualization in Python 
Data Visualization
Figure out how to perform data representation in Python with this cheat sheet. Data becomes real and justifies itself in visual diagrams and plots. Investigate the distinctive manners by which you can plot your data. Discover step by step way to deal with plot histograms, bar chart, line chart, disperse plot, and so forth. Be it a data scientist or a non-technical person, representation is effortlessly interpreted by both.

3) Data Science for Python Cheat Sheet NumPy
Python Cheat Sheet NumPy
NumPy is a center library for scientific processing in Python. In this cheat sheet from DataCamp, you will discover cheat codes for making NumPy arrays, performing arithmetic activities, subsetting, indexing and array manipulation. The exceptional part of this cheat sheet is that each function has been categorized and clarified in basic English.

4) Text Data Cleaning in Python
Text Data Cleaning in Python
Content cleaning can be an awkward procedure. Furthermore, knowing the correct methods is the right way to getting the desired outcome. Refer to this cheat sheet to perform a step by step text data cleaning in Python. Peruse this cheat sheet to know when you evacuate stop words, punctuation, articulations, and so forth. The special part of this cheat sheet is each progression has been clarified with codes and examples.

• Data Science Cheat Sheets for R

1) Data Visualization with ggplot2
This cheat sheet is particularly to create a perception in R utilizing ggplot2. ggplot2 takes a shot at the punctuation of designs and is based on an arrangement of visual imprints that speak to data point. Get cheat codes to make one variable and two variable graphical segment, as well as various methods for making plots in R.

2) Data Transformation with dplyr
This cheat sheet from RStudio is a reference guide for data transformation with dplyr. Get short codes and operators for all activities under data transformation. At that point, be it cases, bunch case, control, vectorize and consolidate variables.

3) Data Science Reference card
This cheat sheet offers functions for content mining, outlier recognition, grouping, classification, social community analysis, big data utilizing R. This cheat sheet gives all of you the functions utilized for data mining in R.

We hope this was a helpful article. Post the comment below if you think we have missed any Cheat Sheet. Don’t forget to share your valuable feedback and tell us which cheat sheet is the best and you would personally use.